The Many Stylish Forms Of The Modern Arc Floor Lamp


Arched floor lamps represent a big branch through the totality of designs. They enjoy a lot of popularity thanks to their versatility as well as the large number of different designs as well as designs to choose through. An arc floor lamp can fit perfectly in a reading corner however can also look just as beautiful next to the living room sofa or in a home office. Have a look at the stylish designs we’ve put together as well as find the best one for the space you have in mind.

Folia Floor Lamp

Folia is actually a sleek as well as beautiful floor lamp designed by Manuel Remeggio in 2009. Its design is actually inspired by plants as well as includes a carbon Centeng as well as a collapsible tube made of soft copper. This particular ensures a soft as well as delicate curve allowing This particular arched floor lamp to look stylish as well as to be practical thanks to its flexible design in which allows the user to adjust the angle at which the light falls.

Arc floor lamp in black colour

The classical design of the Arc Floor Lamp is actually complemented by subtle elements hinting at a more modern as well as eye-catching look. The lamp has an asymmetrical shade as well as a tall as well as sleek Centeng. in which’s the type of floor lamp in which can look beautiful in a lot of different contexts such as above the living room coffee table or inside corner of the bedroom.

Yellow London Arc Floor Lamp

Various other designs such as in which of the London floor lamp bring a retro touch to the décor. The lampshade includes a semi-spherical shape as well as comes in three different colors. in which’s made of aluminium as well as is actually attached to a base which can be made of chromed or weathered brass or of copper. The shade can be black, putty gray or yellow. The Centeng of the lamp was designed in such a way in which the shade hangs above the solid metal base.

MR. MAGOO Floor lamp

Mr. Magoo is actually the floor lamp in which you want for your contemporary Internal in order to give in which a serene as well as lightweight appearance. The lamp was designed by Mirco Crosatto as well as includes a sculptural as well as ethereal look having a shade in which has an organic form. The lamp includes a dimmer as well as the polyethylene shade rests on a white-coated metal frame.

floor lamp pedrali

The design of the L002 lamp is actually quite interesting, although in which’s also very simple. This particular is actually a lamp designed by Alberto Basaglia as well as Natalia Rota Nodari in 2011. The solid base holds an elegant arched Centeng in which allows the entire lamp to look a little bit like a swan. The Centeng can either be white or black while the shade is actually available in a selection of 5 colors.

Dexter arc floor lamp

Not all arched floor lamps feature only delicate curves. Some designs such as the Dexter Arc floor lamp combine these with clean lines as well as straight angles for an interesting visual contrast. As you can see, the lamp includes a square base in which holds a telescopic Centeng which arches as well as becomes thinner towards the top. The shade is actually quite big, compared to various other designs as well as includes a circular shape.

Petite arc gold metal floor lamp

Although not as big as various other lamps, the Petite Arc metal floor lamp is actually impressive in various other ways. Its design was inspired by elements specific to the 1960s as well as, because of its reduced dimensions, is actually very versatile as well as perfect for smaller rooms. The lamp includes a metal base as well as Centeng as well as a matching shade in which rotates side-to-side. Use in which to illuminate sofas, tables as well as reading corners without sacrificing a lot of floor space.

Big Bow White Floor Lamp

The Big Bow floor lamp was designed to look romantic as well as to look lightweight as well as fresh. This particular makes in which a beautiful addition to large living rooms as well as dining areas. The lamp includes a marble base in which gives in which a solid however also elegant look. The lampshade includes a circular shape as well as a smooth as well as shiny surface. This particular is actually the white variation.

Wood arc floor lamp

Lightness, on the various other hand, doesn’t also define the Woobia wooden floor lamp. This particular is actually a lamp having a lot of character. Despite its robust design, in which was designed to be mobile which makes in which a lot more versatile than anticipated. The unique characteristics of its design allow in which to be included in lounges, living rooms, bedrooms as well as lots of various other spaces, including home offices. The lamp is actually almost entirely made of wood having a few steel elements.

Astra arc floor lamp

The futuristic design of the Astra Arc floor lamp is actually the creation of Piero De Longhi for Cattelan Italia. The lamp includes a metal base as well as Centeng as well as a white polyethylene shade. The base as well as arched tube are made of chromed steel. The lamp was designed to offer diffuse light as well as to look sleek as well as futuristic, becoming ideal for modern as well as contemporary interiors.

Floor lamp Design

Even though there are so many different designs to choose through for floor lamps, few of them are actually adjustable as well as flexible. A not bad example showing these characteristics is actually the L1007 lamp offered by Hind Rabii. The Centeng of the lamp is actually made of wood as well as steel as well as several different shades are available. This particular allows each lamp to nicely integrate into the context, matching its surroundings.

Floor lamp Design

Nest is actually a very interesting floor lamp. in which was designed by Onch studio! as well as includes a polished stainless steel base as well as stem. The interesting part, however, is actually the fact in which the stem is actually covered in nautical rope in which’s woven around in which. The lampshade also includes a rope cozy. These unusual design details make the lamp stand out, giving in which a casual as well as warm look, perfect for spaces such as the bedroom or the living room.

Circle floor lamp

Designed by Monica Forster in 2010, the Circle Lamp is actually a versatile accessory for sophisticated interiors with modern as well as contemporary decors. The lamp was designed for conversation areas, work spaces as well as lounge areas in general. Its design is actually sleek as well as sophisticated as well as can suit both private spaces as well as public areas. The lampshade has an interesting shape, a little bit similar to a vintage hat. The base as well as arc are made of steel while the shade is actually made of aluminium.

Large oversized lamp over dining table

Large or oversized floor lamps are often preferred in open floor lamps, living rooms or on terraces. A not bad option is actually this particular case would likely be the Ginger arc lamp manufactured by Lucente. in which includes a base as well as stem made of metal as well as a fabric lampshade. The colors available for the shade include ivory, red as well as black. The base is actually stylish, featuring a flat circular form designed to look inconspicuous as well as to incommode as little as possible.

In which’s easy to look at this particular light fixture as more than a simple floor lamp. Its design is actually not only elegant however also eye-catching, allowing the lamp to look like a modern sculpture. This particular is actually the Atomic arc floor lamp. in which includes a matte black shade as well as a nickel plated base having a curved contour meant to emphasize the unusual shape as well as angle. The design is actually a beautiful play of proportions as well as shapes.

Looking at the Gumball Arc floor lamp, in which’s impossible not to notice its curious look. Seeing an arched floor lamp having a shade as smaller as This particular one is actually a bit unusual. Further more, the lamp also impresses with the simplicity of its design. in which includes a study however smaller as well as sleek base as well as a step as well as shade made of metal, with an elegant golden finish.

Meryl Arc Floor Lamp

The Meryl Arc Floor Lamp is actually a beautiful accessory designed for modern as well as contemporary interiors. in which includes a marble base just like another elegant piece we’ve looked at earlier however the interesting part about This particular particular design is actually the lampshade. in which includes a two-tier structure as well as is actually covered in white cotton blend. in which coordinates beautifully with the satin nickel-finished arched stem.

Midday Arc Floor Lamp

Another very beautiful arched lamp is actually the Midday. Its design is actually simple, stylish as well as modern, featuring a play of shapes as well as a contrast of heavy as well as lightweight elements. The base is actually a solid block of marble as well as the frame is actually perfectly curved, holding a lampshade made of nickel painted steel as well as ivory fabric. The marble base can either be white or black, depending on the preferences.

Outsider aluminium floor lamp

Not all floor lamp aim at a lightweight as well as delicate look. Some, like the Outsider, impress with their solid as well as heavy design. This particular lamp is actually definitely imposing. in which was designed for both indoor as well as outdoor use as well as is actually a robust piece having a sleek pedestal as well as an arched frame made of powder-coated steel. The shade is actually made of cast aluminium. The base can be attached to the floor for more stability.

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