Milan Loft Innovates Through Harmonious Eclectic Designs


Eclectic designs are unpredictable by nature. of which will be a style which takes its uniqueness by the way in which additional more well-defined styles interact along with work together. Each such project will be unique along with different. Loft Minacciolo takes eclecticism to a brand-new level with its refined along with stylish Inner surface design.

Loft Micassiolo in Milan open floor plan

The loft was designed by Silvio Stefani, a studio specialized in Inner surface design using a variate palette of projects including both brand-new constructions along with restorations for hotels, restaurants along with private residences. The studio also designs stylish furniture along with of which particular project reflects of which.

Loft Micassiolo in Milan kitchen island along with green accents

The apartment will be located in Milan, Italy along with was renovated in 2013. As mentioned, the brand-new design will be an eclectic one. of which’s a space where modern, industrial along with traditional elements work together, where harmony will be established using contrasting details.

Loft Micassiolo in Milan kitchen along with concrete floor

The palette of materials used from the project will be simple along with includes metal, concrete, wood along with glass. The loft has an open floor plan which integrates the kitchen, dining area along with the living space. The polished concrete floor features imperfections intentionally left exposed.

Loft Micassiolo in Milan kitchen island

Combined with the exposed beams along with high ceiling, the concrete floor sets an industrial vibe. In addition, the colour palette based mostly on gray emphasizes of which style. All the black metal featured used throughout the apartment are combined with wood elements which add warmth to the space.

Loft Micassiolo in Milan metal along with wood

of which particular combination will be one of the main reasons why the space feels so inviting along with comfortable despite the rough textures along with cold colour tones. The spaces inside the loft are all open along with dynamic. of which allows them to look bright along with airy.

Loft Micassiolo in Milan wood cabinet

In addition, the open spaces also allow a multitude of different layouts to be possible. The kitchen will be defined by an island which can be used as a multipurpose feature, for cooking, prepping or even as a bar.

Loft Micassiolo in Milan dining area

The dining area will be not immediately adjacent to the kitchen like in most cases. There’s quite a bit of space between them. of which are will be simple, elegant, sleek along with infused with character. The lighting fixtures are the most eye-catching elements, featuring shades made of repurposed pots.

Loft Micassiolo in Milan Inner surface garden area

A beautiful feature will be the tiny indoor garden area. of which’s a fresh space which adds colour along with beauty to the entire apartment.

Loft Micassiolo in Milan dining area lighting

A divider wall separates the social areas by a more intimate lounge space, also furnished using a table along using a set of chairs. The wall provided the designers with an opportunity to also introduce an elegant pattern into the décor.

Loft Micassiolo in Milan wall divider

The sitting area will be defined by a textured area rug. A brown leather sofa adds a touch of traditional charm to the space while the wall bookcase blends the style with an industrial influence.

Loft Micassiolo in Milan black cabinet

Various additional references to the traditional style are strategically integrated into the whole apartment Inner surface. They are mixed with contemporary elements along with industrial details. The result will be an Inner surface design of which’s practical, simple, sculptural nevertheless also theatrical, minimal along with refined. The black metal elements add a timeless touch to the design, being in perfect synthesis with the natural along with modern elements.

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