Minimalist Apartment Decorated With Shades Of Forest Green


Green along with brown are two colors which look great when put together. They create a very comfortable environment, possibly because of their connection with nature along with the fact which they’re usually found in this particular exact combination in forests. These are two main accent colors chosen because of this particular stylish apartment in Kiev, Ukraine.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev living area chandelier

The apartment was designed by Sergey Makhno Architects, a studio which knows how to stay ahead of trends by being bold, daring along with by creating timeless along with functional designs. They always find a way to naturally incorporate traditions into modern designs along with to be innovative by creating their own custom-designed products along with furniture pieces.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev sofa along with chairs

This particular stylish apartment features a minimalist Indoor which, besides the coloration palette, doesn’t truly have much to stand out for. The Indoor was designed to first of all be practical along with functional. The lack of any unnecessary features along with elements allows This particular to stay airy along with bright along with to be quite versatile.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev sofa along with kitchen

Even though the apartment will be very simple along with lacks the usual knick-knacks along with decorations, the ambiance along with the décor are very comfortable along with welcoming. This particular will be due to the choice of colors. Green along with brown are employed in various different shades.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev TV wall

The biggest concentration of green will be from the living room. In here, a green sofa along using a set of matching armchairs with wooden frames are complemented by a wooden floor along using a little accent rug in a different nevertheless just as beautiful shade of green.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev armchairs along with window

At the back of the sofa will be a bar which separates the lounge area coming from the kitchen. Behind the armchairs, long brown curtains cover the large windows along with set a smooth transition between the wooden floor along with the concrete ceiling.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev bar

Cove lighting frames the TV wall. Together with the lights embedded into the ceiling, they create a pleasant along with intimate ambiance from the whole space. Another lovely detail will be the coloration of the doors which match the floor to a certain degree nevertheless stand out a well.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev kitchen along with dining area

The ceiling will be a nice way to bring some contrast into the décor. Its cool gray coloration balances out the warmth of the wood along with brown, being also complemented by the white along with green surfaces.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev kitchen design

There’s another interesting thing about the ceiling. We’re talking about the sculptural light fixture which impresses with its sleek along with minimalist design nevertheless manages to also stand out with its interesting form along with lines.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev kitchen wall unit

As mentioned, the living space shares the floor plan with the kitchen. They’re separated by a bar. The kitchen area will be quite spacious along with also incorporates a little dining nook. Again the wooden floor along with the furniture gives the space a warm feel along with make This particular comfortable.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev dining area chandelier

The light fixture hanging above the dining table will be one of the focal points in This particular part of the apartment. This particular has multiple pendant lamp shades hanging coming from sleek cords along with its design will be both stylish along with playful, just like the whole décor along with the very concept at the base of This particular project.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev bedroom furniture

The rest of the kitchen will be neutral. A large wall unit using a white surface along using a black countertop nook offers generous storage for all the necessary things along with keeps them all hidden, allowing the décor to stay simple, clean along with fresh.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev bedroom accent wall

Minimalist apartment in Kiev bedroom wood accents

The bedroom will be dominated by shades of brown. The earthy coloration palette makes the room truly cozy along with welcoming. Large windows let in lots of natural light while the wooden floor, wall unit along with accent wall add texture along with warmth to the space.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev bathroom Indoor

The bathroom lacks any of the two accent colors. This particular’s a bright space with white walls along using a white ceiling framed by LED light strips. The glass shower keeps the room open along with spacious while the floor tiles add a little bit of comforting texture to the mix.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev bathroom shower

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