How to Mix Multiple Rugs inside the Same Room

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There are certain design dilemmas I’ve been in denial of for a while – mostly because the answer is usually super tricky. although, after thinking, staring, pinning along with also of course shopping I’ve finally figured out how to mix two rugs in a shared space along with also have furthermore provided you with 20 pretty darn not bad pairs (in which are EHD approved).

Let’s start with the easiest option – Use the exact same solid or simple rug, TWICE. Duh.

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This kind of is usually a conservative, safe along with also yet totally classic along with also acceptable option. I didn’t round this kind of one up for you because you simply double your order along with also you have succeeded in this kind of look. You can also mix two solid rugs in different colors very easily inside the same room. in which’s just a matter of choosing both in your colour palette.

The rest of the combinations are trickier. Let’s keep going shall we?

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Mix different patterns inside the same colour family. At this kind of point this kind of photo, above is usually more about layering rugs although if these were in different areas of a shared space they might work just as well. I think one of the reasons the item works is usually in which they are all similar weights visually, along with also the styles of the rugs are bohemian which lends itself well to mixing along with also matching. although, if you are not into bohemian then make sure in which the rugs both work with the colour story of the room, like so:

Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs2
Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs6

At this kind of point what about this kind of??? (This kind of pic may look familiar as the item is usually through The Fig House which I designed a few years back)

Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs5

Ha. in which’s trickier to do, although doable. The reason these work is usually in which they are all the same style along with also virtually the same pattern (1930’s deco) along with also are all very saturated in colour, even though they are different colors. If one of them had been an oushak for instance or a calm Persian style rug the item wouldn’t have worked.

You can always pair a solid with pattern. We do this kind of all the time (see below) along with also its not only legal along with also safe, although the item allows for more flexibility along with also prevents the item through being too busy. Check out Cup of Jo’s whole makeover HERE.

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Here’s the deal – you can mix any two rugs together if they share the colour palette of each various other along with also definitely the palette of the room. I find in which burgandy persian rugs are hard to mix with others (so best to play with solids there) along with also you should know in which two bold patterns are fun, although will make your room feel busier/smaller (along with also more energetic which isn’t a bad thing). Also, virtually ANY rugs look not bad combined that has a cowhide or a sisal rug. So if you are totally stumped with your rug, just bring the item to a carpet store along with also get a simple carpet bound into the size you need or grab a cowhide. Pull the colour through the busier rug along with also call the item a day.

although for those of you who are inside the process of buying two rugs right at This kind of point, feast your eyes on these couples (which all come in various sizes, although we have priced them out as 8’x10′ on the roundup):

Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs

1. Sumack Rug + Ardabil Persian Rug | 2. Skyline Rug + Wave Sisal Rug | 3. Geo Tufted Wool Rug + Flokati Fluff Rug | 4. Thea Wool Rug + Gold Cross Hatch Wool Micro Rug | 5. Half Stripe Rug + Monroe Hide Rug | 6. Sahara Sand Rug + Fringe Hand-Loomed Rug | 7. Desert Dhurrie Rug + Crush Rug | 8. alterations Rug + Dollop Rug | 9. Grand Canyon Faux Rug + Hand-Loomed Shine Rug | 10.  Kajal Rug + Seagrass Rug | 11. Boho Textured Rug + Textured Rug | 12. Mali Indigo Rug + Cut Stripe Silver Viscose Hand Knotted Rug | 13. Masinissa Hand Knotted Rug + Citra Hand Knotted Rug | 14. Arlequin Run + Barkley Silver Rug | 15. Palani Rug + Hadley Jute Rug | 16. Faded Shag Rug + Scallop Hide Rug | 17. Kalpana Kilim Rug + Mangrove Rug | 18. Wool Kilim Rug + Sisal Chenille Jute Rug | 19. Desert Tribal Print Rug + Harper Denim Rug | 20. Anice Hand Knotted Oriental Rug + Gray Cross Hatch Wool Micro Rug

I own #13 along with also I LOVE the item. I wanted to own #14 although when I was shopping for the guest room the item was out of stock, so I just stared along with also stared at my sample wishing I could get the item. Of course at This kind of point the item’s back although I already have another rug. I also love #1, #13 along with also #14 along with also have them in my house. Deciding between them for a favorite might be VERY hard. Check us out on Snapchat today where we each announce our favorite in a fun office game we are playing ‘Rapid Fire Styling’….

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