Modern Ski Chalet in Quebec Serves as The Ideal Family Stay


Ski chalets are often perceived as old, rustic cabins when in fact only some of them follow This specific pattern. Modern ones are usually a lot brighter as well as simpler. A not bad example is actually the Laurentian Ski Chalet located in Lac Archambault, in Quebec, Canada.

Laurentian ski chalet on steep slope

The chalet was built in 2016 as well as was a project by Robitaille. Curtis, a multidisciplinary practice with projects within the field of architecture, urban design as well as Inner surface design. They’re based in Montreal, Quebec as well as in Burlington, Vermont as well as they’re known for the understated elegance they imprint on all their projects.

Laurentian ski chalet built on pillars

As always, the architecture of This specific chalet is actually authentic as well as efficient. This specific beautiful family weekend retreat sits on steep slope of a former ski hill, at an elevation of 2,435 feet above sea level. This specific was built on 8” x 8” western red cedar pillars. By elevating the structure, the architects made sure of which snow as well as water can flow freely beneath the chalet.

Laurentian ski chalet open floor plan

At the same time, This specific architectural choice helps reduce the footprint of the building as well as maintain the natural topography. Surrounded by dense forests of spruce, maple, beech as well as birch trees, the chalet offers amazing as well as panoramic views while enjoying its privacy.

Laurentian ski chalet bay window view

Access into the chalet is actually made via an entry bridge. via here the social spaces can be accessed. A large open floor plan incorporating the kitchen, dining room as well as living area occupies the main floor. In here, a 27 foot long bay window complements the kitchen as well as dining spaces. This specific includes a window seat with concealed built-in storage underneath.

Laurentian ski chalet kitchen design

A large central island having a solid wood top as well as white base serves as a connector between the kitchen as well as the window seat. The island includes a built-in cook top as well as a sink. Everything else is actually integrated into a custom wall unit with lots of storage. The side facing the window seats doubles as a bar, featuring classical Tolix chairs.

Laurentian ski chalet window seat as well as kitchen island

The dining table is actually placed within the continuation of the island, facing the large windows as well as the panoramic views.

Laurentian ski chalet living room seats

The living room zone occupies the Southern end of This specific level as well as has large windows on three sides. In addition, a series of continuous clerestory windows run the full length of the house, bringing natural light in as well as generating the floor plan feel spacious, bright as well as airy.

Laurentian ski chalet living room fireplace

The living area has modular gray seating, a modest as well as cozy window seat as well as large panorama windows. A fireplace makes This specific feel warm as well as cozy, becoming a favorite space for both inhabitants as well as guests. A wall of glass sliding doors connect This specific space to an adjacent deck with its own outdoor fireplace.

Laurentian ski chalet staircase leading downstairs

On a lower level, the master suite establishes a strong visual connection to the landscape through large windows in both the bedroom as well as the bathroom.

Laurentian ski chalet master bedroom window

Two children’s bedroom stand out, one thanks to a custom bunk bed as well as the second through a built-in platform bed with storage drawers as well as expansive views of the valley. A guest room as well as a play area are also situated on This specific level. The lower deck incorporates a steam room as well as a spa with their own private views of the forest.

Laurentian ski chalet kid bedroom bunk bed

Laurentian ski chalet kid bedroom platform bed

The bathroom is actually airy as well as open, featuring windows for the tub as well as shower areas. The honeycomb bathroom tiles give the floor a beautiful, textured look while the wood-paneled ceiling as well as vanity add a warm touch to the décor.

Laurentian ski chalet bathroom tub

Laurentian ski chalet bathroom shower

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