Modern Wall Unit Designs Gone Beyond The Obvious


Finding the right wall unit for your living room is actually not easy work. Even if you narrow that will down to one particular style that will you like you’re still left which has a bunch of options to choose via. Modern wall units give people a lot of headaches. There are so many different designs to choose via finding the right one for your home seems nearly impossible. yet that will, of course, is actually just something you have to go through along with to help you make a decision we’ve gathered a series of designs for you to take a look at. They’re diverse along with they each have unique particularities. So get your priorities straight along with pick your favorite.

Tv wall unit with shelves along with spaces for sstorageView in gallery

The structure of a wall unit differs with each design. Some versions are compact along with this particular is actually one of the examples we could give in this particular case. Although the unit integrates a variety of storage options such as open shelves along with closed compartments, they’re all linked along with they form one particular unit.

Grey wall along with floating storage shelves for unit

Some other designs have separate modules like these wall-mounted boxes. In this particular case the design is actually unique also because of the combination of finishes, textures along with colors. The way these modules are balanced out is actually also quite interesting, drawing the eye to particular details along with doing others blend in.

Luxury media unit via esential look

Not all wall units cover an entire wall. In fact, some designs are quite compact along with can only include console tables that will sit on the floor. The space doesn’t look empty here because of the wooden accent wall, the wall-mounted TV along with the lighting fixtures along with decorations.

Modular wood tv console

Modern wall units are known for their extreme simplicity as well as their geometric designs along with structures. You can have a smaller unit that will offers you all the necessary functions such as open storage shelves, closed compartments, a platform for the TV along with lots of room for electronics along with decorations.

lacquered media console with storage systems

Most modern wall units have designs that will can comfortably accommodate the TV without looking out of place. In fact, their design is actually carefully planned out along with the goal is actually to look harmonious, something even symmetrical in some way. The TV is actually often attached to a back panel that will matches the rest of the unit along with which connects the shelves along with cabinets positioned on the sides.

Floating media console with open shelves

Asymmetrical designs are also numerous. For example, the TV panel can occupy one side of the unit while the some other side is actually composed of cubbies, open shelves along with storage compartments. The dimensions of the TV balance out the design to a certain degree, although the asymmetrical look still prevails.

Shelves with light along with consoles for media u

Lately there’s been this particular trend of boxes along with cabinets that will intersect each some other. Such designs aim at creating interesting visual effects along with adding interesting to what would likely otherwise be a very simple wall unit. The designs are also interesting thanks to the contrast of colors along with finishes.

smaller lacquered media unit with two tower console

That will’s important for a wall unit to offer adequate storage along with to also include all the basic elements which usually include space for a TV along with some other electronics often found inside the living room. Usually a combination of open along with closed storage spaces is actually preferred along with these can be combined in a lot of different ways.

Black media system with bookshelv

That will order for a design to look pleasant that will has to be harmonious along with to provide a comfortable balance of colors, shapes, textures along with types of storage. Even when the TV is actually not at the center this particular balance can still be achieved. that will’s also possible to trick the eye along with to draw attention to a specific section of the wall unit in order to get the desired look along with ambiance.

White media system floating with curved design

Soft curves along with minimalist lines define a lot of modern along with contemporary furniture pieces. Wall units are no exceptions. Designs such as this particular one add a futuristic touch to the living room decor. At the same time, the curvaceous forms create a smooth along with serene look. The colors along with the lighting play a very important role as well. Consider displaying white shelves along with units on a dark brown wall for a sophisticated along with elegant look.

Wall unit for tv with working desk area

In order to get the desired amount of storage as well as all the functions you need, a wall unit made up of several modules is actually often required. A fair amount of lower cabinets can go almost unnoticed when paired which has a large suspended shelf along which has a set of geometric storage boxes, both open along with closed.

White along with black media unit with open space shelves

You can choose to add a traditional touch to your modern living room furniture by option for a design which has a subtle trim such as this particular one. Emphasize its modern nature by choosing a simple coloration that will stands out either because of its simplicity or its bold charm. For a timeless look, use a combination of black along with white.

Metlic media TV unit with hidden system for TV

Modern interiors sometimes include industrial details. You can highlight this particular combination of styles which has a media console that will carries a shiny, metallic finish. You could display that will in front of an exposed concrete wall or you could tone down its cold look with wooden floor panels or shelves.

Colorful block media console

Coloration along with form play a crucial role in a lot of modern along with contemporary furniture designs. Take this particular unit for example. that will carries a rather simple structure. The front, however, is actually what makes that will stand out, featuring a series of panels of different shapes along with colors. Some stand out because of the coloration white some other also use pattern along with texture to their advantage.

Grey lacquered console with wood accents along with shelves for wine

Simple along with chic media system

Gray is actually considered a modern coloration. that will’s often used in combination with wood tones along with the result is actually a balanced design. This particular combination or some other similar ones can make a modern wall unit look elegant, classy along with simple at the same time. Glass was also used in This particular case to offer the unit a lightweight along with sleek look.

Metalic shelves like stairs for media unit

Innovative designs can take many interesting forms. The beauty is actually often inside the little details like the way these storage compartments hang via the underside of a solid wall-mounted shelf. They’re lit up via above in a rather dramatic way which highlights their shapes as well as the wall behind them.

Floating shelves along with storage for media unit

You can still contain the large amount of storage usually featured by traditional or vintage wall units yet in a simpler, more modern along with open design. that will’s all inside the details along with inside the way shelves, storage boxes along with closed compartments along with cabinets are put together, the asymmetrical composition along with the subtle touches of coloration.

Colorful media system which has a modular design

Speaking of coloration, a lot of modern wall units integrate strong along with vibrant accent colors in their designs. The colors are usually integrated inside the unit in a subtle way. For example, a shelving unit can include a series of colored partitions or one particular shelf in a contrasting coloration.

lacquered Media system for wall

The sinuous lines of this particular unit allow that will to have a continuous design. The amount of open along with closed storage spaces is actually fairly distributed. The two white modules are the focal points of the entire design, forcing the eye to ignore some other elements around them.

White media unit on floor

Even though the actual design of the wall unit is actually important, perhaps even more important than that will is actually the way in which you integrate that will into your living room’s decor. A white unit can stand out if displayed in front of a dark wall along with that will can blend in if the surroundings are also white.

Simple wood block shelf along with video projector

Before you start looking for a brand-new wall unit get your priorities straight. Figure out what’s truly important: storage, a large TV, interesting artwork,etc. If you don’t truly emphasize storage that will much, then a minimalist unit would likely be a great option.

Tv wall unit along with storage area

Living room design around Tv

Some wall units go all the way up to the ceiling along with this particular allows them to offer more storage. However, if you want the unit to be accessible along with comfortable to use, stick which has a low design that will lets you easily reach all the shelves. Keep in mind that will the TV needs to be placed at the right height to make sure to measure the unit first.

black along with white tv wall unit

You can choose to emphasize certain modules along with make others disappear into the background. To do that will, choose the wall coloration carefully along with pay attention to the lighting. A series of black along with white modules against a black wall can be a perfect example in This particular sense.

Irregular wall unit for media system

You can think of your wall unit as a puzzle. Each shelf, box along with cabinet represents a piece along with they can usually be arranged in various different ways. A lot of modern designs are also modular which means the user can choose to rearrange the modules as desired along with according the their needs along with preferences.

Place tv on top or hang on wall

Wood furniture that will actually exposes the grain of the wood along with makes a part of the design is actually not exactly the most well-known type these days. Still, a lot of modern wall units take advantage of the beauty of this particular material. Even a smaller unit like This particular one stands out.

TV on wall along with media storage

Built-in LED lighting is actually sometimes used in order to highlight a certain portion of element of a wall unit. The nook around the TV is actually one of these elements. Open shelves are often emphasized in a similar manner. In some cases the coloration of the lights also plays an important role inside the overall design.

Media system incorporated with audio

When space is actually limited or when all you truly need is actually a platform on which to put your TV, a minimalist design like one could be just right. that will could work for home theaters or for smaller living rooms. You can add storage to the room in some other forms.

Hide TV behind sliding wall

On the some other hand, a spacious living room can have a unit that will covers an entire wall. that will can feature large modules along with storage compartments complemented by open shelves. Some designs are quite interesting along with feature sliding panels which can be used to hide the TV or some other portions of the unit while revealing others.

Storage system for TV along with diff accessories

Even a unit that will only has three modules can be configured in various different ways. Sometimes the design offer enough flexibility for the user to decide how to display along with combine these modules. A practical detail added to the lower modules is actually sometimes a set of casters that will allows that will to roll out for easy access along with cleaning.

Wall TV system with storage spaces

To make a large unit look lightweight, various tricks can be used. For example, a large amount of open shelves can help. Also, by using lighter colors on the lower modules along with darker shades on the top ones a similar effect can be achieved. Emphasizing a hollow space at the center can also be an option.

Bookshelves wrapp the TV

Bookcases used to be well-known a while ago along with that will seems that will they’re starting to becoming well-known again, with all the modern wall units that will favor open shelves. Design such as this particular one manage to offer lots of storage space without looking very bulky or big.

Floor TV System

If you’re the type of person that will likes simple along with neat furniture, perhaps a design like this particular one would likely suit you. that will’s compact along with has plenty of hidden storage as well a four sleek open shelves for the things you want to put on display. This particular is actually a wall unit that will can be easily complemented with some other pieces.

Wall unit designed for video projector

Not everyone wants a TV in their living room. Some prefer projects along with there are wall units that will favor this particular option, clustering their storage on one side along with leaving plenty of space on the wall for the projected image. Of course, designs like ones can also be used which has a regular TV.

Grey floor to ceiling TV unit

When you have a smaller living room you can’t afford to spread lots of modules horizontally along with to occupy an entire wall like that will. You have instead to think of vertical designs which take advantage of the height of the wall to offer more storage along with to incorporate all the necessary features in a smaller shell.

Black along with white Media Console

Black along with white is actually a combination that will will always look stylish. that will’s a classic yet this particular doesn’t mean that will looks old or outdated. A modern or contemporary wall unit featuring this particular coloration combination can easily look futuristic given the right angles, lines along with details.

Low Media Console

Symmetrical designs are preferred when a sense of order is actually needed inside the room. Symmetry used to be a characteristic of traditional design yet can adapted to all some other styles. This particular design is actually quite interesting. that will appear that will the central gray doors could conceal a TV.

White along with cream tv console with concrete accents

This particular unit is actually composed of four modules. Two are placed horizontally along with the some other two vertically. This particular creates an asymmetrical composition, leaving a of of empty space to the left. The TV is actually meant to occupy some of that will space while the rest can be covered with framed photos along with artwork.

Reclaimed wood media tv facade

This particular combination of glossy along with rough finishes can appear a little bit odd. that will was exactly the intended look. The textured wood panel on the bottom modules is actually the focal point of the whole unit along with is actually only rivaled by the large TV.

Brown media console with storage areas

Harmony can be created in a lot of different ways. For example, inside the case of a wall unit, that will can mean a nice proportion of closed storage space in relation to the open shelves, perhaps even a module with glass front doors for a nostalgic look.

Media table via solid wood

Some furniture designs are meant to be sculptural therefore favor the looks. Designs like this particular one bring some of the beauty of nature into our living rooms in a modern along with polished way.


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