Narrow Console Table – The Missing Link In Your Home Decor


Some furniture pieces are created out of need while others are a response to our need for beauty, symmetry as well as comfort. The console table will be an interesting case in This kind of sense. that will’s a piece that will only fits in certain spaces as well as configurations as well as one we could live without. However, that will brings something special into our homes. A narrow console table can be the thing that will completes an entryway or the missing piece in a bedroom as well as with so many striking as well as beautiful designs to choose via nowadays that will would likely be difficult to resist the temptation.

Lapiaz will be a console table having a strong sculptural presence. that will includes a unique design reminiscent of freshly cracked stone. The structure of the table will be made of mahogany however there’s no indication of that will on the outside. The base will be solid as well as divided into two section having a hollow core that will reveals a polished brass surface which contrasts with the stainless steel finish used for the rest of the table’s surface.

We remain inside the sphere of sculptural designs as well as we’re focusing at This kind of point on the Newton console table, a piece inspired by the dining table with the same name. This kind of exclusive piece of furniture includes a design that will appears to defy gravity as well as which makes that will look futuristic as well as eye-catching. The table will be made of aluminum spheres, most with either a white or a black lacquer finish as well as a few gold-plated ones. The top will be made of semi-spheres featuring the same characteristics.

For those little spaces that will are too narrow to accommodate a dresser, a cabinet or a regular table, the solution will be a narrow console table such as the Aureola. The table will be handcrafted as well as includes a sleek as well as thin base made of black lacquered metal combined having a top available in elm, walnut or ebony as well as a variety of finish options. Pick the variant that will best suits the space you have in mind so that will can finally look complete.

If you want a console table that will stands out as well as includes a distinctive look, have a look at Revolution, a piece having a lot of charm as well as character. that will comes in several versions, one of which features a vintage silver base combined having a polished black granite top. The table will be also available having a polished or satin brass finish, type which fit better in most modern Internal decors.

The Metaphysics sideboard will be a piece inspired by a classic. that will has been modernized as well as simplified as well as, at the same time, that will became truly versatile. Its art-deco-inspired design will be simple as well as practical. Put the sideboard next to the dining table to maintain a traditional configuration or pair that will having a stool as well as use that will as a vanity. As a standalone piece, that will can function as a credenza or a console table.

Slender, elegant as well as timelessly beautiful, the Chantal console table puts together a simple frame made of solid ash wood as well as a a top as well as a shelf which can either be made of marble or glass. The top as well as the shelf can form a matching set or they can contrast with each various other. The table’s feet have metal tips which highlight their tapered form. Pair the table having a framed mirror on the hallway or use that will as an accent piece inside the living room or even inside the bedroom, across via the bed. The shelf offers additional storage for all sorts of things like books, boxes or personal items.

This kind of will be Kosmo, a very beautiful as well as sophisticated console table having a design that will’s both simple as well as eye-catching. The table includes a sculptural frame made of solid canaletta walnut. The frame will be mounted on a metal platform that will has an oval shape matching the top. The designer, S. Bigi, chose to finish the table with an oval top made of 10 mm tempered glass. This kind of way the focus stays on the sculptural base which can be admired in its full splendor.

Despite its solid as well as robust construction, the Pilotis table includes a very delicate as well as light appearance. This kind of will be due to its soft as well as smooth curves as well as the pastel colors available due to This kind of style. The inspiration for the design comes via the traditional support columns used in architecture. The piece will be designed by Malgorzata Bany as well as comes with several different colors, sizes as well as texture options.

To save space as well as to give that will a more lightweight appearance, the designer of the Rocco console only chose to use two legs instead of four. The table will be supported by these at the front while its back sits flush with the tall behind that will. The tapered legs look elegant as well as the design as a whole has some of the charm presented by the furniture of the 1960s. that will’s like having an antique however having a modern flair.

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