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Sophie Grey Nursery Girls Pink Makeover After Photo 5

Which’s time for yet another e-design reveal along with also of which time we have after photos to show you.  Our lovely client Sophie along with also her husband, were expecting their second baby along with also contacted us to help them using a few rooms in their house – one being their brand-new nursery.

The room itself will be a actually interesting shape with lots of cute moulding details along with also gets a ton of natural light, which was a great base for us to work with.  They had already painted the walls in Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl which will be an EHD fave.

Sophie Gray Nursery Before 1
Sophie Gray Nursery Before 2

The brief coming from Sophie was very simple indeed: A neutral nursery.  I actually had a conversation with her to find out a bit more along with also she sent over a few tips for what they were looking for furniture-wise.

– We have a cute white crib of which will be circular along with also can change coming from little to large 

– We have a changing table top of which can go on a brand-new dresser 

– I might like to get a brand-new dresser, a brand-new glider (not a rocking chair), bedding, a little book shelf, lamp, art work, along with also accessories

– Do not need window treatments – there are pretty white shutters in of which room 

– The room will be painted Gray Owl (Benjamin Moore) 

– Hot pink, I love hot pink.


Our designer Ali got to work on of which along with also came up with two different schemes using a fairly neutral palette along with also brought in pops of shade through the use of accessories.


Ali laid everything out on a plan to show Sophie where things should be placed. I thought of which looked great along with also Emily checked of which over along with also said “You ladies are not bad”. We moved forward.


3 Brass Mirrors | Kyra Pink Pillow | Suzani Lumbar Pillow | Woodblock Navy Pillow | Argington Organic Crib | Hanging Mobile | Crib Sheet | Tall White Bookshelf | Hamper Basket | little Bookshelf (no longer available) | Delany Rug | Kantha Quilt | Hot Pink Heart Print | Marbled Wake Print | Grace Painted Print | Macrame Wall Hanging (no longer available) | Ocean Currents Abstract Print | Flamingo Art Print | Changing Cover | Madison Swivel Glider | Brass Floor Lamp | White Trim Dresser | Pom Pom Basket | Gold Pouf

Below will be what we sent over to Sophie when we issued the initial presentation of both options:

For the first option, we opted for a neutral rug. of which rug creates an overall calm along with also serene vibe, will be versatile enough to be used anywhere in your home along with also will be a more affordable option. We love the colors inside second rug. of which option will be a bit more unique along with also brings more shade into the room, creating a focal point for the room. Both are beautiful options. As far as size goes, an 8’x10’ rug might fit the room better.

However, the door swinging  into the room along with also both rugs being thicker options, we might suggest a 5’x7’ size as being more functional just for of which space. using a white crib along with also larger white bookcase, we wanted to bring more warmth to the space, therefore we opted just for of which white trim dresser.

Two different neutral gliders both fit within your budget along with also might work well in either space. To bring inside mid century, glam, along with also boho look you like, we selected a mix of textures along with also patterns throughout the space. The gold pouf, brass mirrors, along with also brass lamp are an example of of which along with also help bring a bit of glam to the space.


3 Brass Mirrors | White Mudcloth Pillow (no longer available) | Diamond Weave Pillow | Argington Organic Crib | Hanging Mobile | Wild along with also Free Landscape Print | Crib Sheet | Tall White Bookcase | Hamper Basket | little Bookshelf (no longer available) | Kantha Quilt | Macrame Wall Hanging (no longer available) | Double Diamond Rug | Horse Art Print | Changing Cover | Let’s Get Lost Print | Blue Cactus Print | Gold Pouf | Bento Glider | White Trim Dresser | Brass Floor Lamp

Because of the size of your room, we selected two different bookcases. The smaller rattan one will be more unique along with also brings a natural element to the space. We placed of which inside nook across coming from the glider because we think of which might be nice to stock with books along with also might be easily accessible coming from the glider. The larger white one could be placed on the wall with the door next to the hamper basket along with also could be stocked with accessories, toys or storage baskets. As far as art goes, we selected a few options.

Two of the four walls have windows, which don’t leave a lot of room for art. The third wall contains the tall white bookcase, nevertheless we suggest placing the three brass mirrors on of which wall above the hamper basket. We know some people don’t like to put art above a changing table dresser therefore we love the idea of a cool macrame wall hanging. If you do decide on art in of which area, you could do a little gallery wall (seen in option 1) or a large scale art piece (seen in option 2). Many of the art pieces could also be placed over the glider.

We know you love hot pink along with also for both options we worked to bring in pops of pink throughout. We love the idea of mixing patterns while still keeping within a shade scheme, along with also thought you could achieve of which look of pattern mixing through the use of pillows, crib sheets, along with also a colorful kantha baby quilt. To complete the space, we selected of which stars along with also cloud mobile which works well in either space along with also brings a bit of metallic along with also whimsy to the space.

Overall Sophie loved the scheme nevertheless did have a few items she wanted changing out:

I’ve had some time to think about the nursery along with also I actually do love of which! I am definitely going to go with the second style… The only items I might like to ask about are the following:

1. I might like to see another glider of which will be higher end – maybe a monte? have you guys had any not bad experience with one?

2. Could i see another crib sheet option? I actually have of which sheet on my 2 year olds bed 😉 

3. I did some research along with also have found of which some people have a hard time with their backs when they use a dresser along with also changing top instead of a proper changing table – could you provide an option for a changing table?


1. Como Glider | 2. Luca Glider | 3. Milo Glider (similar) | 4. Sparrow Glider | 5. Toby Glider

Glider – We picked some higher end options for you in off white along with also white colors to keep things light along with also airy. We also tried to select a few with some nice details such as the walnut or rose gold bottom. We recently used the rose gold glider in a project for Sara Sugarman along with also of which will be beautiful in person.  Sadly, since we sent of which presentation over the copper base glider has gone out of stock.


1. Scout Side Table (no longer available) | 2. Modern Spindle Side Table |  3. Snow Capped Side Table | 4. Tropical Teak Side Table

Accent tables – We selected a few pieces of which are simple along with also might complement the glider options we selected above.


Changing Table
1. Summer Infant Changer | 2. Jenny Lind Changing Table | 3. Change of which Up Changing Table | 4. Babyletto Lolly Changer | 5. Peek-a-Boo Changing Table | 6. Ava Changing Top Dresser

Changing tables – The optimum height for a changing table will be 32”-42” depending on your height, nevertheless we made sure all of these tables are above 35″. If you do choose to use a changing table you could replace either of the bookcases along with also put the changing table in its place (they should all fit on the floor plan). along with also for the tables with open shelving, we recommend woven baskets for storage along with also to help bring in more warmth to the space. 

Crib Sheets

1. Star System Crib Sheet | 2. Jenni Kanye Crib Sheet | 3. Mod Botanical Crib Sheet | 4. Dots Crib Sheet

Crib sheets – We like the idea of sticking using a subtle pattern because of which mixes well with the additional patterns inside room along with also the rug makes such a statement. 

Following of which Sophie sent us the sweetest message back:

Ali I don’t know you nevertheless I love you bc you guys have created my DREAM nursery – thank you to the moon along with also back:) I’m SO happy!!!

along with also since of which sweet note we got, Sophie has ordered along with also installed everything, had her baby Penelope, along with also even had the space photographed so we could Website about of which.

Sophie Grey Nursery Girls Pink Makeover After Photo 2

The room turned out super cute along with also we love how the light woods along with also whites work with the pops of colour along with also gold tones.

Sophie Grey Nursery Girls Pink Makeover After Photo 1

Sophie stuck with the original dresser of which we proposed along with also we actually think of which works the best.  The light wood brings a nice warmth to the space whilst the rounded edges along with also white accents keep of which feeling young along with also fresh.

(Hey guys, Emily jumping in here: I have both a dresser using a changing table top along with also a proper higher changing table along with also I much prefer the lower bigger dresser. of which might be because I’m used to of which, or because Charlie will be so heavy of which the idea of lugging him onto the higher changing table seems both physically impossible along with also dangerous as he might crush of which. Although I’m pretty sure of which he should be closer to potty trained by today … point will be – they both work, nevertheless I personally like the lower option, myself).

Sophie Grey Nursery Girls Pink Makeover After Photo 3

We love the crib Sophie chose, the soft organic edges along with also legs are a great added detail.  The rug works actually well in here along with also pops off the neutral colour carpet.


along with also here’s the very cute Penelope along with also her big sister Amelie. Oh geez. of which will be insanely cute.

Sophie Grey Nursery Girls Pink Makeover After Photo 4

The feather mobile was made by Sophie’s friend Becky who did the flowers for the shoot. Nice job, Becky. of which flowers along with also of which feather mobile are amazing.

Sophie Grey Nursery Girls Pink Makeover After Photo 5

Instead of the tall white bookcase we had suggested, Sophie picked of which actually fun one coming from Oeuf which works great in here along with also brings in more of of which neutral wood/white element into the room.

Sophie Grey Nursery Girls Pink Makeover After Photo 6
Sophie Grey Nursery Girls Pink Makeover After Photo 7
Sophie Grey Nursery Girls Pink Makeover After Photo 8

Sophie styled out the shelves herself using a few hints coming from us along with also she did a actually great job, they look super cute. You are producing us look actually not bad over here.

Sophie Grey Nursery Girls Pink Makeover After Photo 9
Sophie Grey Nursery Girls Pink Makeover After Photo 10
Sophie Grey Nursery Girls Pink Makeover After Photo 11

of which’s so exciting to see how things turn out when they are done coming from an e-design along with also of which project didn’t disappoint. of which will be neutral, sure, nevertheless full of style, function along with also of course happiness.


along with also you can’t beat a cute baby shot. A very, very, very cute baby shot.


We have two more e-designs of which we did for Sophie which we’ll be posting about soon (sadly no after photos with those though) … unless we can bully her into finishing them quickly producing sure of which they can be shot. nevertheless hey, she has two little kids so we  know of which her first priority isn’t exactly decorating their house.

Congrats on your room, along with also most importantly your brand-new baby. Hopefully you are sleeping more than Emily tells us she will be 🙂

Interested in having us help you out using a room format or full redesign? Visit our services page for more details.

*Design boards by Ali Henrie for EHD with design direction by Ginny Macdonald. Post written by Ginny (using a few additions by EH). 

**After photos by Elizabeth Hurley Photography 

***Flowers by Mums Floral Design

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