Old Farmhouse Gets An Uplifting Renovation along with Extension


Old houses get renovated all the time. the idea’s how they keep on surviving in This kind of ever-changing world. Yet no two projects are the same. Each time the transformation can be different along with there’s a fresh set of challenges to overcome along having a fresh set of demands along with ways to interpret the project. Just for this kind of old farmhouse, the transformation was a little bit more than just a renovation. This kind of lovely A-frame house was originally built inside 50s. The idea had a barn next to the idea along with they both needed to be updated for their fresh owners, a young family having a modern lifestyle.

Village Farmhouse in USA

The transformation was a project by Bureau Fraai, a studio of which designs everything in close collaboration with their clients along with future users along with for which the user experience can be essential to the success of the project. For the team, a successful project means a Great interpretation of the concept, an optimal design along having a harmonious relationship between the building along with its cultural, spatial along with natural environment.

This kind of particular project was completed in 2015 along with the house can be situated in Aalten, the Netherlands. the idea occupies a total of 195 square meters. As we’ve already mentioned, the brief was to offer the house a complete renovation nevertheless also to renovate along with extend the existing barn.

Farmhouse Renovation Ideas

The old along with the fresh features had to interact harmoniously, without creating undesired discrepancies. The clients requested a complete update of the Inner surface along with also wanted to open the house to its surroundings in order to take advantage of the nice views along with the great freshness.

To satisfy these requests, the architects decided to open the entire ground floor plan of the main house along with to also make the existing barn more spacious by adding a large extension to the idea. This kind of strategy allowed them to maximize the usable floor space along with to also visually connect the Inner surface to the garden.

Old Farmhouse Renovation

The extension incorporates a contrasting outdoor. The original structure was built out of bricks along with with ceramic roof tiles. These were preserved. The fresh extension added to This kind of building has its part of the facade along with roof built out of black pre-weathered titanium zinc with aluminum window frames.

via the outdoor, the idea looks as if half of the structure old along with half can be fresh. Although the contrast can be strong, there’s still a nice cohesion throughout. The barn can be a mixture of old along with fresh, of bold along with modern elements along with rustic accents.

The Inner surface can be surprisingly bright, featuring a light chromatic palette along with an overall very simple design. In This kind of sense, the idea contrasts with the dark outdoor. The wooden beams along with frames add a beautiful texture to the décor, allowing the idea to be warm along with welcoming despite the crisp white walls along with ceiling.

Large windows along with skylights let the idea abundant natural light, opening the Inner surface to the large garden along with the surroundings. At the same time, the fresh colors get in, becoming a part of the Inner surface décor. This kind of applies to both the extended barn along with the main house.

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