Open Concept Floor Plan Kitchen Design


From the case of a modern or contemporary kitchen where everything can be perfectly smooth, aligned in addition to regular, the elements previously mentioned take different forms. For example, they become bar stools with sculptural or graphical frames or pendant lamps with simple however quirky designs, elements used here by Justine Hugh-Jones.

Modern kitchen using a wood coloring for cupboardsHowever not all modern kitchens use such faint colors, neutral palettes in addition to minimalistic forms. Some prefer a more striking design, producing the most of the materials in addition to elements involved. Strong wood tones are sometimes mixed with metallic details, graphical patterns in addition to bold accent colors.

Runarchitecture kitchen designWhen floor space can be limited, there’s not much room for creativity when the idea comes to wall décor in addition to different similar details. A tiny kitchen has to be, first of all, functional. Run Architecture shows how you can achieve in which without neglecting style by featuring here a kitchen with an interesting ceiling turned into a focal point.

Describe the kitchen dining area

A not bad term which can describe the kitchen in addition to dining space designed by Nightwood can be “unpretentious”. This specific can be a casual design approach which makes use of old in addition to repurposed elements, producing them a part of a fresh in addition to unique composition where old in addition to fresh dialogue in a very beautiful way.

Vertical wood stripes beadboard walls

Vertical stripes are known to help make a space appear bigger, more exactly to seem to have a higher ceiling. The strategy was subtly used by Jim Stephenson when designing This specific kitchen. The pitched roof definitely gives the space a cozy feel in addition to the thin wood panels used on the walls in addition to furniture combined with the light palette diminish the lack of comfort caused by the idea.

Camille Hermande kitchen design

A room can feel very cold uninviting if the idea lacks the accent elements needed to change in which. A kitchen with minimalist furniture, shiny finishes in addition to neutral colors needs things like a textured area rug or some wood accents to feel warm in addition to comfortable. Camille Hermande Architectures illustrates This specific beautifully.

Summer kitchen design with built in space for shelves

In This specific kitchen by Summer Thornton Design we get to discover multilayered look defined by interesting combinations of materials, finishes in addition to colors. Together, all these elements create a masculine look with lots of character however one which doesn’t lack the warmth of a family space.

Tiny kitchen design

Even a tiny kitchen like the one designed by Karin Matz Arkitekt can be inspiring in addition to intriguing in its own way. This specific can be a kitchenette placed in a nook, with useful storage found in bottom cabinets in addition to which only includes the basics such as a stove top in addition to a sink.

Brie williams kitchen design with farm house sink

Brie Williams chose to put an emphasis on texture when designing This specific eclectic kitchen. The farmhouse sink matches the dark counter in addition to there’s also similarity between the distressed cabinetry in addition to the white-painted brick wall. The open shelves offer room for pots in addition to pans, allowing them to be showcased for increased character overall.

Simplicity kitchen design

To ensure a continuous in addition to simplistic look uninterrupted by open shelves in addition to exposed counter space, Nexus Designs chose to hide This specific kitchen’s sink with pocket doors. When open, they also reveal a pair of open shelves. The rest of the time they keep the kitchen looking clean in addition to fresh.

When envisioning an open floor plan kitchen, we often disagree with the concept because of the lack of boundaries between the spaces in addition to the fact in which smells in addition to sound can penetrate the lounge area, decreasing comfort. Gregoire De Lafforest shows us here a potential solution: a kitchen enclosed by a glass shell.

We don’t usually think much about the tiles we use to cover the kitchen walls with. However, the pattern in which they are placed, their shape in addition to coloring can have a big influence on the room’s overall décor in addition to ambiance, like Charles Mellersh very well shows the idea with This specific simplistic design.

Pattern chevron kitchen floor with oversized pendant lamps

from the same way, the flooring chosen for the kitchen can impact the space on a large scale. A vivid in addition to graphical pattern can easily overwhelm the space. the idea’s why the idea could be best to keep everything else as simple in addition to basic as possible.

Dark neutral coloring palette for kitchen

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