Orcondo: Living & Dining Room


Orcondo: Living & Dining Room


YOU GUYS! the idea’S ME! ORLANDO! WE MADE the idea!

In case you are wondering ‘who the hell will be This specific dude Orlando,’ here goes: Orlando was my assistant/sidekick on Secrets coming from a Stylist (RIP) as well as then became an associate designer which worked with me on design projects for close to 4 wonderful years although then HE LEFT ME to become the West Coast Creative Director of Homepolish, which makes design more accessible, streamlined, as well as enjoyable to clients all over the United States. Take the idea away, Landy.

After blabbing about my condo makeover to you for the past year I’m stoked to be able to FINALLY share the results of the funnest Inner surface design project OF MY LIFE. I know which sounds terrible as well as selfish. Yes, the idea’s fun doing design projects for additional people. although I’m sorry, doing the idea for yourself will be just more fun. Basically because you get to do whatever you want as well as you don’t have to deal with the aesthetic constraints of additional people’s needs. Because, let’s be honest. THERE will be NOTHING WORSE THAN additional PEOPLES’ NEEDS. JK. I contain the funnest clients as well as I love them. although my favorite client will be MYSELF.

although enough about me. Let’s talk transformation. I have to say I’m very pleased with the results. When we commenced, the condo was a depressing, out-of-date, relic of its 1984 birth. There was so much shiny parquet flooring, horrible dark industrial carpet, orange peel textured wall everywhere. As a little refresher, here’s what the living room looked like before I came over as well as waggled my Homepolish magic wand all over the place:


I know, gross. I’m actually a big fan of 80s design, although This specific place needed some help. First thing to go were the orange peel walls. I think texture carries a time as well as a place, as well as I’m not here to shame you if you have textured walls. although the minimalist look I was going for meant the texture seemed out of place. Skim-coating the walls wasn’t cheap. the idea cost about $12,000. although the idea was worth the idea because the idea completely changed the look of the condo as well as quieted my desire which EVERYTHING BE PERFECT as well as SMOOTH.


One of my favorite transformations will be the spiral staircase. We had the whole thing painted matte black as well as had completely new solid wood stairs cut (the idea was previously plywood covered with carpet) as well as stained black. The effect truly transformed the stairs coming from DATED to DARLING. In case you’re curious, here’s what they looked like before:


I’ve always loved going to museums as well as art galleries as well as had secret fantasies about living inside one. Thus, I wanted to create a neutral, monochromatic palette within the living room which could allow art as well as accessories to be the true stars. The chairs I originally planned on using did not end up working out. Basically, my boyfriend Edouard had some cool-yet-gross-green-brown mid-century chairs which he loved as well as definitely wanted to use. So I had them reupholstered in grey linen as well as all was fine. Until the sofa arrived as well as was grey (not white like I had originally thought the idea was coming from viewing the idea online). My living room seemed to transform into a sea of grey, despair, as well as nothingness. Here are some pics of what the chairs looked like before:

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 2.04.57 PM

We actually had the chairs facing the fireplace for a while. We rearranged the living room 5 times before we got the idea right. Turns out figuring out the structure for a triangular living room can stump even an Inner surface designer. The solution to the too-grey situation was to sell my chairs to a designer friend who needed them for his completely new Palm Springs house as well as to get completely new ones. We chose these woven cutiez coming from AllModern because they stayed in neutral territory while also bringing in some desperately-needed warmth as well as texture.


You’ll notice which the flooring will be diagonally-oriented within the living room. This specific will be because we decided to keep the direction consistent throughout the condo as well as the living room will be the only space which diverts coming from the orientation of the rest of the home. So within the bedrooms the flooring runs parallel to the walls although within the living room the idea’s diagonal. I was originally kind of opposed to This specific although right now which the idea’s installed I like the movement.


Before we can get on with our lives I think we all need to take a seat as well as chat about This specific chandelier. the idea was designed by the amazing Park Studio as well as I love the idea more than I love drinking margaritas while floating in a swimming pool, laughing with my friends, thinking about the future. This specific LA-based company carries a huge collection of beautiful ready-made pieces as well as does custom pieces as well (I custom designed This specific one with them). As far as high-end custom chandeliers go, their prices are pretty great. If I were to marry any light fixture, the idea could be one designed by Park Studio. Oh, PS, here’s the lighting which was in here before:


the idea was super cool as well as mega 80s although the idea made me feel like there should be birds up there perching on the idea, judging us for having such outdated, crazy lighting. Also, I had a secret fear which the wires could somehow fall down as well as electrocute me.


The sentence I’m about to write will be going to make you want to wrap me in rancid garbage as well as throw me down the entire world’s longest staircase, although I have to write the idea because the idea’s something which actually happened in real life. I found This specific Cleon Peterson print with my boyfriend whilst attending Art Basel in Miami as well as had the idea framed in a simple white frame by my go-to cheap framer. I know, This specific will be terribly unrelatable as well as obnoxious, although the idea’s what happened as well as we all need to come to terms with the idea. The dresser will be coming from Blu Dot as well as I love the idea. Mostly because I love putting dressers in non-bedrooms. BECAUSE WHY SHOULD BEDROOMS GET TO HAVE ALL THE STORAGE as well as PRACTICALITY?


I’ve literally never opened which Vanity Fair book. I bought the idea because the idea’s large as well as you can stack another book on top of the idea as well as put a piece of art upon which book. The interlocking rings sculpture will be coming from MQuan Studio as well as I love the idea because the idea reminds me of the desperate, codependent relationships I have with everyone I know.


I love pretty much anything ceramic, so This specific tray by Richard Carter thrills as well as delights me on a daily basis. Usually, I use the idea to store my ephemera, such as postcards as well as love letters coming from my boyfriend. The two poufs were Edouard’s. I had them recovered in more neutral fabric as well as added an extroverted welt to give them a little more character. Here’s what they looked like before:

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 2.45.43 PM

If you look closely at which pic you can see Emily’s book on my coffee table, under which mercury glass candle. I read the idea to Edouard every night before we go to bed. He LOVES the surprise ending!

Okay, right now I’m going to show you something totally fun as well as satisfying. Look at This specific pic:


Then look at This specific pic:


Notice any difference? LOOK AGAIN! The stools within the first pic are totally a different height than the ones within the second pic! HOW FUN will be which? Well, not definitely. I’m an idiot. I completely messed up as well as ordered the wrong size. Luckily, the right size was in stock as well as I ordered those as well as everything was back to better! The stools are by Noir as well as I love which they’re both modern as well as accommodating. LIKE ME.


Do you hear which sofa calling your name? the idea’s all “HAY BOI, COME LOVE ME.” as well as I’m “YES GIRL.” the idea’s the perfect combo of chiseled as well as comfy.


Like many of you, I’m very fond of succulents as well as try to have them around me at all times. The most important thing to remember about succulents will be which they hate living inside (except maybe for some extreme cases where you contain the brightest room within the entire world which gets TONS of direct sunlight). So I like to rotate mine inside for a week then back outside to come back alive. Are you glad you came here today so I could give you succulent advice you totally didn’t ask for? You’re welcome.


See? More succulents. Right after This specific photo was taken, Succulent was all “LET ME GO OUTSIDE.”


1. MIXT Union End Table 2. Atwood Sofa by Gus Modern 3. Silky Road ‘Vintage’ Trellis Rug 4. Rustic Ceramic Extra Large Vase by West Elm 5. Vintage Chrome Waterfall Coffee Table coming from Paddle 8 6. Throw Pillows by Loloi 7. Richard Carter Ceramic Butler Tray coming from Nickey Kehoe 8. Cleon Peterson Artwork 9. Noir Saddle Bar Stools 10. Custom Chandelier by Park Studio 11. Lucerne Mirror 12. Shale 4 Drawer Dresser by Blu Dot 13. The Sungar Arm Chair 14. MIXT Ashley End Table


YOU GUYS I’M NOT FINISHED! We still have to talk about the dining room. You might remember coming from previous posts what a disaster this specific space was:


In all fairness, This specific pic was taken after Edouard had already moved into my place as well as we have put a lot of his furniture into storage. He gets mad at me when I show these pics to people because the idea makes the idea seem like he just lived like a caveman with random chairs just sitting within the middle of the room for no reason. In all honestly though, he’s so lucky I saved him coming from what This specific place used to look like. I mean, CHECK OUT THOSE MINI BLINDS!


One of the biggest improvements was the window treatments coming from Decorview. We did simple white Designer Roller Shades within the living as well as dining rooms as well as they look amazing as well as kind of just disappear when they’re open, which will be exactly what I wanted. Also, they’re all mechanized so they open as well as close using a remote which makes me feel like I’m a robot who lives within the future.


I wanted a place where I could invite people over for dinner, because having friends over to eat the idea will be one of my favorite things on earth. I love dining as well as drinking as well as friends, although I hate restaurants because they’re so loud as well as restauranty. I’m basically a cranky 95-year-old man who hates going outside. I wanted a great space for entertaining where I could fit 6-8 of my friends around a table so we could talk about guys, shopping, as well as the mall. Edouard wanted a place to store all his books. So I designed this specific super swell built-in cabinet with tons of storage for our books as well as objects. I even designed the idea so we could store ugly stuff within the cabinets below as well as we’d never have to look at the idea!


Many people are terrified of putting a rug under their dining table. For me, the idea’s like you can’t live your life in fear, you know? You have to be free to have a cozy place to put your feet while you dine. So I selected a relatively sturdy sisal to go under the dining table. the idea’s the kind of rug where if my friend drunkenly drops a meatball covered in marinara on the idea I won’t be like “GET YOUR GARBAGEFINGERS OFF MY $80,000 PERSIAN RUG!!!”


1. Mary McDonald Pythagoras Brass Pendant Light 2. LAXseries Edge Dining Table by Mash Studios 3. Maui Jute Wavy Chevron With Tassel Rug 4. Custom Roller Shades by Decorview 5. Crate & Barrel Lorne Wall Clock 6. The Wishbone Arm Chair 7. Dishware by Snowe Home 8. Crate & Barrel Beckett Natural Linen Table Runner 9. Wine Glasses by Snowe Home 10. French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler by Crate as well as Barrel 11. Intersecting Pyramids by Z Gallerie

although which’s not all folks, stay tuned as I continue to reveal MORE as well as MORE as well as MORE of the condo, going over what I did to transform this specific place coming from BARFY to #BECKYWITHTHEGOODHAIR.

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