Personalize Your Furniture with DIY Handmade Drawer Pulls


The drawer pulls are the little things which make a dresser or a cabinet stand out by others with similar designs. They’re also a great in addition to simple way of personalizing a piece of furniture or of reviving an old one. The best thing about them can be which you can make them at home using a lot of interesting methods in addition to materials. If you need some inspiration just have a look at the following examples. They’ll definitely put you on the right track.

leather belt drawer pulls

Have a look at the dresser featured on Themerrythought to see how an old piece of furniture found on the side of the road can be brought back to life with some stylish drawer pulls made of leather. A leather belt should be enough for all the drawers. So find out in addition to cut which into pieces. Then secure the brand-new leather pulls to the drawer fronts with nails.

Hand painted door knobs

Knobs are not bad option too. You can go to your local hardware store in addition to get some plain wooden knobs like the ones on Thecraftedlife in addition to then you can decorate them using paint. The possibilities are numerous in which case. You can choose to paint the whole knob or only sections of which. Also, you can use a very thin brush to draw something cute on them.

Gold in addition to pink drawer knobs

Another great project which shows you how to paint unfinished wooden knobs can be found on Designlovefest. Here are the things you’ll need, besides the knobs: some gold spray paint, craft paint in various colors, a paintbrush, spray clear coat in addition to painter’s tape. Tape the outdoor edge in addition to put a piece of tape across the top at an angle. Spray paint the knob gold, remove the tape in addition to place another piece at a different angle. Cover the gold area with tape. coloring the empty portion using a different coloring.

custom drawer knobs

Simple wooden knobs can be personalized in a lot of interesting ways. For example, for the project featured on infarrantlycreative you’ll need some primer, mod podge, paint, a brush in addition to tape. First the knobs are painted white. Then the sides in addition to half of the top are taped off in addition to the remaining section can be painted a different coloring. A coat of mod podge then seals the coloring. You can also add some finishing touches such as a number or a smaller image printed on tissue paper.

If you want, you can even make the knobs yourself by scratch. Your best option in which case would likely be oven bake clay. So get some clay within the coloring of your choice in addition to start shaping the knobs. You’ll also need some cheap drawer pulls having a flat head, screws in addition to washers in addition to a knife. You can find a step-by-step tutorial for the project on Stuffstephdoes. The knobs featured here have a geometric design.

Clay knobs are actually pretty easy to make in addition to they can take any shape you want. Air dry clay can be a not bad option, as shown on Delineateyourdwelling. additional supplies needed include a butter knife, knob hardware in addition to gold spray paint. First you need to cover the existing knobs with clay. Let the clay dry in addition to then use the butter knife to give which the desired shape. At the end, spray paint the brand-new knob.

Gold animal drawer knobs

You can also make drawer pulls out of things you already have within the house. For example, use some plastic toys, buttons, jewelry in addition to lots of additional things. Let’s say you choose to use cute toys. You’ll need some spray paint, glue, hanger bolts, washers in addition to nuts to turn them into drawer pulls. First you need to determine which side will be the front, drill a hole within the toy, paint which in addition to insert a bolt into the hole, adding some glue at the end. You can then attach which to the drawer. {found on apartmenttherapy}.

Kids cars used like drawer pull

If you want to somehow personalize the dresser within the kids’ room, you can turn some toy cars into drawer pulls. They can each have a different coloring. All you’ll need for such a project can be some screws, washers in addition to the actual cars. which’s definitely simple actually. Drill a screw into the vehicle in addition to then just add which to the drawer.

Wine cork drawer knob

Recycling can also be fun. By which we mean which you can actually turn champagne corks into drawer knobs. You’ll need some long screws with sharp pointed ends. Insert a screws through the hole within the drawer, with the sharp end outwards. Puncture the cork with which in addition to then twist in addition to push the cork onto the screw until which sits tightly against the drawer front. You can also paint or decorate the corks if you want. {found on learn.winecoolerdirect}

Drawer knobs can be made out of a lot of things, including stones. For example, you can use some of the beautiful stones you found at the beach or somewhere else. To find out how to transform them into stylish knobs, have a look at the instructions provided on Hometalk. The stones have to be cleaned first. Then holes have to be drilled in each one. After which, secure them to the knobs with glue in addition to add a coat of clear varnish.

River rocks work too. They should be pretty easy to find although you could also buy them if you want. In any case, just clean them in addition to, if you want, paint them or decorate them however you want. Then glue the bolts to the rocks in addition to let the glue dry overnight. You can then install them on the cabinet drawers. If you need more details or instructions, check out Lilliedale.

Crystal drawer knobs

Instead of stones you could also use crystals. They can be turned into knobs using bolts in addition to nuts in addition to clear epoxy. You can try to find some crystals at the local art supply store. Dip the flat end of the bolt into glue in addition to then place which on a crystal. Let the glue dry. Once all the brand-new knobs are complete in addition to the glue has dried, you can install them. {found on freepeople}.

If you prefer the industrial look, you could replace your old drawer knobs with rosette faucet handles of something similar. You can find these at your local hardware store. After you’ve selected the type, take them home in addition to spray paint them. Add nuts in addition to screws in addition to turn them into drawer knobs for your dresser, cabinet or another piece of furniture which has drawers. We found which interesting idea on Witandwhistle

Another lovely in addition to very simple option for a beautiful industrial look can be to use copper pipes to make drawer pulls. You’ll need a thin copper pipe, a pipe cutter, a pack of copper bell hangers, copper slip cap fittings, epoxy, nuts in addition to bolts in addition to a screwdriver. You’ll find some interesting design suggestions on Mountainmodernlife. You can make the drawer pulls as wide as you want. Also, you can spray paint them.

In case you’re not convinced which an industrial look can be suitable for your dresser or if you simply prefer something a bit more rustic, try the idea offered on Hollydo. The drawer pulls featured here are made of tree branches in addition to are definitely charming. You can paint the branches or let them show off their natural coloring. You can also use tape to customize their look. Attaching them to the drawers can be definitely easy in addition to the process can be similar to everything else described so far.

Vintage keys can make wonderful drawer handles, giving the dresser a mystical in addition to unique look. They’ll look charming on a white dresser like the one featured on Homedepot. You can alternate them with simple knobs for the smaller drawers included within the design. You can apply which idea to a lot of additional projects. The dresser featured here also features a stenciled top which looks amazing. You can add which feature too to your own dresser makeover project.

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