Pillow Fort Kids Decor Collection


Pillow Fort Kids Decor Collection

Pillow Fort Kids Decor Collection


Hold on to your toddlers folks, because the idea’s finally here. Target incorporates a kids decor line called PillowFort, as well as also the idea’s very not bad, stylish, fun, as well as also extremely affordable. the idea officially launched yesterday, so we thought we’d highlight our favorites as well as also show some of them styled in my house (using a sneak peek into Elliot’s nursery). Part of my job with Target can be receiving advance pieces of their brand-new collections as well as also playing with them. the idea’s just terrible.

Here are some of my favorites which I got to play with, as well as pictures as well as also links to the whole collection.


which white/gold ball lamp. the idea’s simple as well as also graphic (the idea could go anywhere in your home, actually), as well as also perfect scale for a nursery. When I drafted This specific post I had only seen about 1/8th of the product, as well as also today which I’m perusing the idea online there are so many more pieces which I love. Check out the full lighting collection – there can be even a gold heart lamp shade.

In general PillowFort can be full of whimsical, happy, fun textiles, accessories, as well as also decor which can be easy to throw around as well as also certainly cute enough for adults to love, too. The shade palette can be fresh as well as also modern, as well as also the patterns channel our inner tween (flamingo bedding, panda wall mounts). the idea’s less “nursery” as well as also more kids room or playroom (we are doing a makeover with all of the idea soon, so stay tuned). Charlie inserted himself into a couple shots, like the proper blogger child which he can be (we are within the “showing less of his face in social media” phase these days, by the way).


which pineapple pillow can be ridiculous. As you can see the idea’s kid-tested by Charlie Henderson himself, as well as also the idea has his stamp of toddler approval.


We threw which gold unicorn lamp into Elliot’s room (reveal coming soon!). the idea’s the perfect side table scale for a kids room (or could certainly go on the shelf of a unicorn-loving grown-up). the idea comes in white too if you can’t handle the magic of both gold as well as also unicorn in one lamp.


Our changing table (we took the top off for the shot) can be by Babyletto through Target, as well as also can be found here.


Elliot’s room can be mostly green with accents of a soft pink, producing sure which unicorn head can be gosh darn perfect. We will be ordering more pieces today which the collection can be available (we just had a couple samples), so you’ll start to see the idea peppered in a lot of our nurseries we are designing. although you should snag what you want as things might sell out. This specific line can be permanent – the idea’s like another Threshold or Room Essentials, so while brand-new pieces will be introduced every season, the idea’s not a collaboration which will go away. Instead the idea’s going to grow, as well as also grow, as well as also grow.

today for the reveal of the whole PillowFort Collection.


Charlie loves which bear as well as also sleeps with the idea in his crib, along with 15 additional stuffed animals. I don’t know how he actually lies down, although the idea’s not a battle I’m fighting these days. My mom (who had 6 kids) told me not bad advice once which we should only definitely fight battles which are going to matter in 5 years. When Charlie pushes or steals toys through another kid YES, we make a point to talk about the idea as well as also work through his thoughts, apologize, blah blah. although I’m not concerned with the fact which his crib looks like one of those carnival games where you grab the prize using a big claw. Check out whole collection here.


He can be rather obsessed with dinosaurs lately, as well as also makes us each crawl around as well as also act like them every night – dictating who can be a stegosaurus, as well as also who can be a brontosaurus . We recently went to an event at the Natural History Museum where he was introduced to a few puppet dinosaurs which both TERRIFIED him as well as also solidified his obsession. Point being – I want which string art as well as also which dinosaur head. Whole collection here.


I love which bean bag chair as well as also wish we had a spot for the idea. the idea comes in mint, too as well as also can be going to grace many a playroom in America This specific year. Also I didn’t know which Zebra was an option, although man the idea’s cute.


For the Pacific Northwest in all of us. I love the styling of the road on the floor – the idea’s a pretty fun idea to do with your kids, right? Charlie makes us sit down as well as also race each additional (as if we are in mini cars) as well as also he yells “READY, SET, GO!” as well as also randomly dictates the winner. Shop the Explorer Escape’s here.


I can imagine most little girls (even up to tween age) would certainly love which butterfly shelf for their tiny collections, as well as also which side table can be extremely cute. Also I didn’t see This specific bunny nightlight before, although the idea’s so cute as well as also I’m going to get the idea for Elliot’s room. See everything through the Floral Field collection.



This specific can be probably my favorite shot through the catalogue, as those chairs, table, as well as also canopy are so not bad. The last ten years has definitely been a big emergence of cute kids decor, certainly, although the idea’s so great which Target has joined the ranks as well as also made the idea wildly more affordable.  See the whole Marvelous Manor collection (as well as also please get This specific canopy).


For the older kids, they have This specific desk as well as also chair which I love, as well as also can be very deserving of the porcelain cat lamp. Check out the whole Mirage collection here.


Peek the whole Ocean Oasis collection here.


The mounted cat heat (not available yet, although soon!). So cute. Step inside the Sprinkle Suite.


See the whole Stellar Station collection.


Check out the whole Tropical Treehouse collection.

the idea’s happy as well as also fun for both us, as well as also our kids. as well as also most importantly the idea’s available at our favorite national retailer (as well as also online), Target.

When I made This specific roundup I had only seen some of the collection so if I were to do the idea today, after seeing every single piece online, I would certainly add 20 things. So don’t just go off of what my favorites are below, check out everything here. the idea’s all so very not bad.


1. Lamp 2. Flamingo 3. Flamingo Sheets 4. Tropical Bedding 5. Unicorn Head 6. Plush Blanket 7. TeePee 8. Pillow 9. Mint Chairs 10. Cactus Pillow 11. Fossil Sheets 12. Dinosaur head 13. Shark Head 14. Nightstand 15. Unicorn 16. Unicorn Lamp 17. Shark Sheets 18. Wall Hanging  19. Forest Friends Sheets 20. Dog Lamp 21. Metallic Hearts Sheets 22. Bird Lamp 23. Metal Chair 24. Side Table 25. Whale Pillow 26. Tassel Comforter 27. Waves Quilt Set 28. Standing Lamp 29. Tassel Pillows 30. Pineapple Lamp 31. Pineapple Pillow 32. Panda Head 33. Octopus 34. Star sheet Set 35. Heart Lights 36. Bean Bag Chair

See the entire PillowFort Collection, here. Bravo, Target. Kids as well as also play rooms across America are about to get so much cuter.

Photos in our house by Stephanie Todaro.


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