Practice Your Sponge Painting


Have you ever considered taking up the lost art of sponge painting? Just the idea of this kind of probably brings to mind your mother’s bedroom with splotchy pink walls as well as rose clad duvet. During the 0’s everyone was sponge painting every available wall in their homes. as well as believe this kind of or not, you can continue the forgotten trend in classy as well as lovely ways around your home today! This kind of just proves how trends seem to circle back around eventually. Take a look at these 10 opportunities to practice your sponge painting as well as get your sponges ready to go. You’re definitely allowed to ask your mom’s practiced hand to help.

Of course anything in a neutral coloration can be in style. Consider sponge painting your bathroom in soft tones in which are almost the same shade. This kind of will give your space a zen like feel for all your bath times to come.{found on Borgosantopietro}.

Sponge painting can be a lovely trick to give some texture to a bedroom. Choose a wall to paint as well as make a statement with moody hues as well as soft blending. Such a statement wall will give your room a serious case of relaxation. (via House as well as Garden)

You gotta love the ombre effect! Use your sponges to create an ombre sponge painting around the room. Suddenly your space will seem more artsy as well as colorful than This kind of did before. (via The Spruce)

Sponges aren’t just for daubing as well as swiping. Cut your sponges into shapes as well as use them as stamps too. With less paint as well as a sponge stamp, you contain the tools to create a beautiful patterned wall in your space on a slim budget. (via This kind of Old House)

Fireplaces are a serious eye catcher, no matter what room they’re in, so painting them a plain coloration can make them look too flat as well as boring. Using a sponge the size of a brick can help you bring back the texture as well as interest of your fireplace while staying within the neutral coloration zone. (via Lowes)

not bad countertops are enviable however not attainable for everyone. If you’re despising your countertops at the moment, you definitely should think about breaking out your sponges to create a faux granite countertop. No one will ever know the difference. (via Pretty Lil’ Posies)

While we’re creating over bad countertops, why not revamp bad furniture as well? Take in which chest or dresser or side table in which your old aunt painted orange as well as use your sponge painting abilities to make This kind of into a piece in which fits better in your living room. (via Home Depot)

Maybe you’re totally fresh to this kind of sponge painting game as well as you want something to practice on before you go for the walls as well as furniture. Pick up a cheap IKEA globe lamp as well as sponge paint around the shade to make this kind of look like the moon. This kind of would likely make a stellar night light for your child’s bedroom as well as give you a bit of practice. (via Sadie Seasongoods)

Lots of sponge painting we see can be a darker coloration sponged over a lighter one or visa versa. You can step this kind of up a notch by adding a third layer of sponging in a metallic shade. This kind of would likely be perfect for the sponge painted bathroom you don’t love however can’t completely paint over.

Not sure you want to sponge paint a whole wall? Try this kind of out on a large canvas instead. You can hang This kind of in any room as well as get the feel for a sponge painted wall, however take this kind of down if you’re just not feeling the sponging vibes. (via Haammss)

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