Sectional Sofa Furniture Ideas Trends in 2016


Striking contrasts in addition to also visually powerful design elements are sometimes put together in addition to also the result is usually a space which could look similar to the living room designed by Jean-Francois Jaussaud. As you can see, the walls are deliberately left unfinished, with portions of exposed stone becoming visible. These elements contrasts with the modern furniture in addition to also accessories.

little yet chic living room design

A very different approach was used by Hillary Robertson when designing This kind of little yet very chic in addition to also pleasant-looking living room. The use of soft colour tones, detailed in addition to also sculptural lines in addition to also simple, natural materials offer the room a feminine touch.

Living room that has a gallery wall

The gallery wall put together by Bricks Studio is usually eye-catching yet not in a very striking or opulent way. The framed artwork displayed here doesn’t introduce strong in addition to also brand new colors yet rather has the role of establishing a homey ambiance, considering the glass wall which exposes the room to the adjacent space.

Textured rug with wool blanket

You can use multiple strategies to make a living room feel welcoming in addition to also comfortable. For example, combine a textured rug that has a wood coffee table, a fabric sofa or sectional with lots of cozy pillows in addition to also a few personal decorations framed on the wall behind the item.

Comfortable eames lounge chair

There are two types of people: those in which prefer a fabric sofa in their living room in addition to also those in which enjoy more a leather sofa or couch. Each material has its own advantages in addition to also disadvantages. Leather furniture tends to look more elegant, sober in addition to also imposing whereas fabric upholstery makes the item look more casual.

Casual minimalist daybed

Instead of a sofa, Felix Forest shows us here a casual in addition to also minimalist daybed, ideal for relaxing while reading a book under the warm light of the corner floor lamp in addition to also while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. The framed mirror placed on the mantel is usually a chic touch.

Cozy traditional living room design

Traditional living rooms welcome architecture into their Inner surface designs, featuring wall in addition to also ceiling molding in addition to also intricately carved details throughout. All these elements put together can make a room look very busy so balance has to be established. The team at Roman in addition to also Williams offers an inspiring example right here.

Bohemian decorated living room

Each one of us has their own style in addition to also their own idea of how a living room should look like to be comfortable. For some, a perfectly aligned décor can be satisfying while others find more pleasure in an imperfect design that has a bunch of pillows scattered across the room in addition to also a fusion of cozy fabrics.

The living room dsign with bookshelf behind

The living room designed by Blair Harris is usually interesting for several reasons. the item features a large bookcase which covers an entire wall, a sculptural ceiling design mixing white in addition to also brown patches in addition to also a pendant lamp resembling a sea urchin.

Living rom that has a black wall in addition to also a mid century sofa

An interesting detail we found inside design created by Filippo Bamberghi is usually the fact in which the area rug actually appears to be made of two different sections with different patterns in addition to also matching colors. the item’s a quirky way of adding some interesting to an otherwise conventional living room.

Closet to nature through furniture

If you want to feel closer to nature without having to leave the comfort of your living room, then you can decorate This kind of space with natural, organic materials. A live edge coffee table can be an interesting element which you can use in combination with wood in addition to also rattan seating, driftwood artwork frames in addition to also an animal skin rug.

Living room with an animal skin rug on a dark floor

Animal skin rugs are more versatile than you might think. They can look very chic in rustic, traditional, modern or eclectic spaces. One that has a zebra print such as the one used here by Virginia MacDonald can be the missing accessory in your living room.

Wood storage in living room

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