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Shag rugs are like Muu-muus. When done right they are so comfortable as well as chic that will you are convinced you’ll have a better life the second you commit. When done wrong they are very cheap, depressing as well as will ruin your social life. Almost every client we have right right now, including myself (as seen above in Elliot’s Nursery), wants the perfect cozy shag rug so as we were shopping we figured we’d round up a big old post with our favorites for you.

In case you need some selling on the whole shag rug inside the first place, feast your eyes on these ladies:

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 1

She could’ve gone cheezy however she didn’t.

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 2

Justina designed some that will are actually beautiful, comfortable as well as of course easy to hide “imperfections” (read: play dough mashings), too.

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 3

Shags, whether Morroccan in style or a simple solid are so inviting as well as become another piece of furniture on which to lounge. I witnessed this particular first hand/butt because my best friend splurged on a mohair shag rug as well as everyone, EVERYONE wanted to lay on that will.

Sure, that will was fancy, however that will was my first foray into ‘oh, right … rugs can be super comfortable in addition to being beautiful’ land as well as I want to go back to that will world in every room in my house. Does this particular mean I’m becoming old or are you all into actually comfortable rugs, too, these days?

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 4

Of course these rugs are higher maintenance. If they are white as well as high pile they can get dirty easily as well as if they are in a high traffic area then think about a dark or patterned type. So no, they aren’t for everyone or everywhere.

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 5

For instance as much as I love this particular photo, trust me when I say this particular shag rug was styled just for the shot. You’d have to be a silly billy (that will’s how I curse right now) to put a white shag under a dining table that will you actually eat on. however if its an entrance, then go for that will with caution.

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 6

So we dug deep, pulled hairs as well as twirled around the internet to find some of the coziest, prettiest, best shag rugs inside the planet at all different cost points (all below are listed as 8×10 in size). Some are nuts, some are simple – let your butt as well as eyes decide.

Awesome Shag Rugs - Style by Emily Henderson Patterned

1. Luna Rug  |  2. Indigo Fable Rug  |  3. Kodiak Rug  |  4. Samos Rug  |  5. Geo Shag Wool Kilim Rug  |  6. Salma Wool Shag Rug  |  7. coloring Fields Rug  |  8. Indo-Natural Impressions Stripe White Rug  |  9. Marine & Gold Fable Rug

Awesome Shag Rugs - Style by Emily Henderson Solid

10. Zoro Shag Rug  |  11. Salt N Pepper Greek Flokati  |  12. Manhattan Rug  |  13. Black Greek Flokati  |  14. Moda Shag Rug  |  15. Mason Shag Rug  |  16. Vitten Rug  |  17. Denim Blue Wool Flokati  |  18. Olive Flokati Rug

Awesome Shag Rugs - Style by Emily Henderson Moroccan

19. Aquamarine Arrez Rug  |  20. Jaleh Moroccan Rug  |  21. Fusion Shag Rug  |  22. Bespoke Moroccan Wool Rug  |  23. Hand-Tufted Ourain Rug  |  24. Charcoal Azilal Rug  |  25. Blue Moroccan Diamonds Shag Rug  |  26. Melita Flokati Rug  |  27. Multi-Colored Saxon Shag Rug  |  28. Charm Wool Rug  |  29. Kate Rug  |  30. Spice Folklore Rug

In case you needed some help in deciding which rug size is actually best for you, or how to mix two different rugs together inside the same room be sure to click through. as well as, last however not least, for your ultimate pinning pleasure we have thrown all three roundups on one big board for you to pin your heart out with. Get them before they are gone folks, shag is actually here to stay.

For those of you who want them all on one board (yes, these are repeats) we put them together – go on, pin away. xx

Awesome Shag Rugs - Style by Emily Henderson_FULL
Source : Emily Henderson

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