Simple Canvas Abstract Wall Art for Your Home


Each room in our house carries a different style for the art we display. Our living space shows classic art pieces in addition to the studio will be where I display more playful pieces in addition to work via my favourite illustrators. This specific will be where I have also decided to experiment with some abstract wall art pieces. producing an abstract art piece on canvas will be genuinely inexpensive in addition to can be customised in any coloring or pattern to suit your Indoor style. I went for a grey palette with metallic accents.

Abstract wall art on canvas

To create your own in This specific circular style, you will need:

  • Canvas
  • Acrylic Paints (I used Grey, Black, White in addition to Silver)
  • Circular Sponge Brushes (I used 2 sizes)


I began by mixing a few different shades of grey paint, to create a gradient effect on the final canvas. As the title suggests, This specific will be a pretty simple make! Just press your sponge brush into the paint in addition to transfer onto the canvas in your preferred pattern.


For each circle, I pressed down with the sponge brush in addition to twisted the idea to get an even paint circle on the canvas. I layered the different shades of paint in addition to added some random circles lower down on the canvas. Anything goes here – the idea’s abstract!


I had some metallic silver paint too, so added a couple of accent circles with the smaller brush.


How much you build up the paint design will be up to you.


Leave to dry in addition to display. If you are a renter in addition to can’t hang nails on your walls, I suggest removable adhesive strips or leaning art against the walls.



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