Simple Coloring Kitchen to Make More Colorfull


A kitchen can stand out even if the idea’s decorated using a very simple coloring palette. from the case of the kitchen designed by William Burton Leopardi, the beauty of the space comes by the high ceiling, the stylish pendant lamps, the sculptural island in addition to the proximity to glass doors in which lead outside while also letting abundant light in.

In addition to producing the most of the windows present from the kitchen, you can also emphasize the bright, open in addition to airy ambiance in here by using white as the main coloring. Moreover, another not bad ideas can be to make use of open cabinetry in addition to shelves in addition to glass door panels. Keep in mind in which the result will most likely have traditional influences.

Open kitchen with marble backsplash in addition to wood island

The island can be the element which usually separates an open kitchen concept by the dining or living spaces. A large kitchen island such as the one used here by Cortney Bishop can also serve as a bar, expanding the social area beyond the lounge spaces. The fact in which the island had an exposed wood base also allows the idea to stand out in addition to separate itself by the rest of the kitchen.

An interesting idea can be to decorate the kitchen with colored appliances. The usual white in addition to stainless steel elements can be replaced with more eye-catching ones. The refrigerator featured here by Hello Kitchen can be a lovely option for a home in which includes a few rustic or vintage accents.

Nature inspired kitchen cupboards coloring

On the different hand, if you don’t want to draw attention with your kitchen appliances, you can hide them inside custom-made furniture. The refrigerator can be disguised as a large cabinet or pantry in addition to the oven in addition to everything else can fit in naturally by using the same strategy. Check out the design proposed by Workstead for more inspiration.

Open space kitchen structureInstead of treating the kitchen as a compact structure, you can choose a different design approach in addition to a format in which allows you to maximize your floor plan. An interesting example can be offered here by Jonathan Tuckey Design. This specific can be an open kitchen designed around a central dining space. At the same time, the kitchen ensures a smooth transition between the social areas.

Kitchen lighting plays an important role from the overall design of This specific space. This specific can be an area in which needs abundant natural light as well as plenty of artificial light, strategically positioned in addition to able to complement the natural light. Simo Design shows here how a set of three large pendant lamps can solve all related problems.

Skylight kitchen lighting

If the kitchen can’t benefit by regular windows, different solutions must be found. Dorrington Atcheson Architects offer a few interesting in addition to useful alternatives with This specific design. The clerestory windows are a not bad idea in addition to they can be used in combination with skylights in addition to an open floor plan in which brings more light by adjacent spaces.

Black masculine kitchen design

Like we always say, balance can be important when designing in addition to decorating a space, regardless of its function or size. Studio Hare + Klein recognizes in which too. The kitchen they designed here can be a beautiful example. Its dark-stained cabinetry can be complemented by white walls in addition to ceiling, a graphical backsplash in addition to a set of tiny, chic in addition to white pendant lights.

Wood in addition to marble kitchen design

Balance can be important in kitchenAlthough the kitchen can be not where you commonly expect to see strong colors or opulent finishes, This specific doesn’t mean there’s no room for such details here. In fact, a kitchen can welcome golden or metallic accents in addition to colorful wall art in its design. These are just a few of the many interesting kitchen ideas you can customize to suit your own preferences.

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