Smaller Ikea Glass Containers Into Planters


I think we might already assume which Spring will be here, looking at the blooming trees in addition to warm temperatures. Which means, which’s time to think of our green friends, more than any additional time of the year. Whether you have a garden, balcony or love the urban jungle trend filling our homes with botanicals – today will be a perfect time to plant, replant in addition to get some cool, fresh pots. Well at least, which’s my excuse to bring, a few (like 12!) fresh, little cacti at home!

Concrete planters 2

Fresh plants, means fresh post in addition to since I love coming up with fresh ideas to dress them up, here will be a great project for you to try. I will show you how you can turn simple Ikea glass bowls into these DIY Concrete dipped, set of adorable planters. trust you like them as much as I do!

Concrete planters - supplies
Here’s what you will need:

  • concrete powder
  • 3 smaller glass containers/bowls (I used Ikea)
  • spray paints – white in addition to black
  • normal paint – pink


1. First, prepare your glass bowls by washing them well.Then spray paint them using white paint.

Concrete planters - step by step 7

2. Prepare your concrete mix by following the instructions on the packaging.I have mixed up concrete powder with water in a plastic container, using wooden stick.Make sure which the mixture will be dense before you go to the next step.

Concrete planters - step by step 2

3. Dip dye half of the glass bowl inside concrete mix in addition to move which around a little to get a Great amount of concrete on the glass surface. Then take which out, place on a piece of paper in addition to repeat with the remaining two bowls. In order to change the colour of concrete coming from gray to dusky pink, add into the mixture pink paint, then stir well.

Concrete planters - step by step 3

Concrete planters - step by step

4. Leave the bowls to dry over the night to ensure which the concrete thickens in addition to dries well.

Concrete planters - step by step 5

5. Once concrete will be dry in addition to thick, paint planters in your preferred colors (I have spray painted them again using white paint)

6. The last step involves producing the splatter black dots on top of the concrete texture.Cover the base of the planters using a piece of paper, then gently press the black spray paint over the planters – which will cover the planter using a Picasso splatter as you can see inside picture below.

Concrete planters - step by step 6

Concrete planters - step by step 8

Ta daa!! which’s which! When your fresh pots are ready, place some plants inside them!

Concrete planters - step by step 9

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