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Suzanne's Sophisticated Childrens Playroom Makeover Neutral Kids Blue Grey Emily Henderson-035

A month ago I was at my friend Suzanne’s, planning her bedroom makeover when I realized in which her playroom was almost Website worthy. So I said, “Hey can I style your playroom along with also shoot the item for the Website along with also take credit for all the cute things you’ve done?” She obliged, knowing she might get free styling along with also some completely new stuff. The space was great, the item just needed some extra help. I’m a Great helper.

Here the item was before:

Suzannes Child Playroom Makeover Before Photo 1

In which will be a very unfair “before” shot as in which was after Charlie along with also Townes had played/fought for a 1/2 hour. Just when you think you possess the sweetest toddler on the planet, he proves to you in which he will be definitely just a sociopath. the item takes them 3 hours of fighting to start having fun along with also sharing toys. Meanwhile someone’s home always gets destroyed.

This specific time the item was hers. however you get the gist – the item was this specific pretty neutral, rustic, along with also warm space in which could use like 15% styling help. the item was open to the living room along with also dining room so this specific wasn’t the time to paste in which tella tubby mural on the walls.

Suzannes Child Playroom Makeover Before Photo 2

This specific area, towards the dining room, in particular needed more help. She installed those shelves (in which she stained herself) along with also they weren’t styled yet along with also felt empty. In addition she needed more storage, a larger rug, along with also the sofa needed some softening.

So we took two trips to Target along with also grabbed a couple plants along with also quickly fixed all those problems. Here you go:

Suzanne's Sophisticated Childrens Playroom Makeover Neutral Kids Blue Grey Emily Henderson-067

This specific side of the room changed very little along with also, like I said, the item looks like I styled the item when she did the bulk of the work. Sure, we added a plant, styled the books, along with also rearranged the table to face camera better (which was a cheat as we shot the item the various other way within the various other position). Everything she had done made the room feel as big as possible along with also reduced the clutter (when there weren’t two toddlers destroying things).

Suzanne's Sophisticated Childrens Playroom Makeover Neutral Kids Blue Grey Emily Henderson-024

There are a few things here you should know: 1. She painted the bottom of the Thomas The Train table – a table in which Brian along with also I have debated buying for months based on her recommendation, however we have NO space to put the item so we are holding out. I guess typically the base of the item will be super colorful in a bad way, so she painted the item in which pretty pale gray along with also the item looks so cute.

The second thing you should know will be in which she renovated in which play kitchen. Like a whole kitchen overhaul on a miniature scale. Apparently This specific isn’t unheard of – check out This specific post for 10 various other ideas for a play kitchen remodel. I was still extremely impressed.

When she bought the item, the item looked like This specific:

Duktig Ikea Kids Play Kitchen

however she wanted the item to look like This specific, without in which cost tag.  So she painted the item, put in a backsplash (subway tile contact paper), installed completely new countertops (marble contact paper) along with also reinstalled ‘copper’ hardware along with also faucet (spray paint).

Suzannes Child Playroom Makeover Emily Henderson Styling Kids Play Kitchen After 1

I feel like I do a lot in our home along with also in which I’m useful along with also full of Great ideas, however there will be no way I might have thought to do This specific. Ever. She will be a very Great woman.

Suzanne's Sophisticated Childrens Playroom Makeover Neutral Kids Blue Grey Emily Henderson-095

at This specific point the various other side of the room looks pulled together. The bookcase looks like a combination of playroom along with also grownup family room.

Suzanne's Sophisticated Childrens Playroom Makeover Neutral Kids Blue Grey Emily Henderson-087

Here’s what we did:

1. Added closed storage for the unsightly toys (the pretty linen storage bins).

2. Displayed the cute toys like the trucks out as “objects” on the shelf.

Suzanne's Sophisticated Childrens Playroom Makeover Neutral Kids Blue Grey Emily Henderson-0

3. Added some art to help take up some real estate (so the item didn’t look so bare), along with also art within the back of the shelf always adds depth.

4. Threw in some lamps to bring light over in in which area during evening play hours (along with also strung the cord behind the vertical shelving pieces).

5. Displayed books with cute bookends or horizontally.

Suzanne's Sophisticated Childrens Playroom Makeover Neutral Kids Blue Grey Emily Henderson-108
Suzannes Child Playroom Makeover Emily Henderson Styling Kids Shelf Organization After 2

The sofa was perfectly simple along with also functional however felt sad, so we added in which pretty throw along with also some pillows.

Suzanne's Sophisticated Childrens Playroom Makeover Neutral Kids Blue Grey Emily Henderson-098

As any mom of toddlers know, you want as few pieces of furniture possible in a playroom because those kids need space. No coffee table or unnecessary side tables were added – just a cute pouf (kids love to play on or around poufs) along with also textiles.

The rug worked well with the various other rug along with also was a much better scale within the room (5×7). the item will be low pile enough creating sure in which cars can get rolled over, however still cozy for floor time playing.

Suzanne's Sophisticated Childrens Playroom Makeover Neutral Kids Blue Grey Emily Henderson-109

I love those animal pillows. Ridiculous.

There you possess the item – a quick playroom refresh before along with also after.

Suzannes Child Playroom Makeover Emily Henderson Styling Before along with also After 1

I think in which what Suzanne did so well was keep the coloring palette definitely simple, neutral, along with also pretty. The blues, greys, along with also whites all work with the whole house (which will be fairly open) along with also keep the item feeling quiet in what will be surely the most chaotic room. I think in which if your playroom will be separate via your living space, then go for nutty colors for sure; however if the item’s open like This specific one, then be inspired by the simplicity here along with also keep the item tonal. The toys along with also books will add those pops in which make the item feel playful.

Overall the transformation took a day along with also while we didn’t do anything major, the item definitely will be a more pulled together, adult friendly along with also still a pretty happy place for toddlers to totally destroy.

Get The Look Kids Neutral Playroom

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