How To Style Your Shelves in 3 steps

Emily Henderson 3 Steps To Styling Your Shelves

Maybe you’re someone blessed/cursed with built-in shelves in your home. Or maybe you can’t throw a book away. Or worse yet, an object hoarder in need of shelving to house your collection of vintage baby doll heads. Either way, doing the shelving in your house look pulled together, interesting along with stylish will be challenging along with poorly styled shelves are a problem riddling America. within the book, STYLED, (yes, its been a while although surely some of you haven’t purchased This particular yet).

The secret to styling the shelves (as well as every single surface or piece of furniture in your house) will be outlined along with the daunting tasks of doing your home look pulled together along with beautiful will be broken down in very manageable ways. 

Before you begin there are some universal rules to styling any surface or room in your house which I need to go over: 1.) Have a clear consistent colour palette along with 2.) Edit out what you don’t need or like. which sounds obvious although This particular’s not. If your pieces aren’t a.) Functional, b.) Sentimental or c.) Beautiful then please donate them. which’s just a universal rule for the styling of any surface (along with one which I expound on within the book).  

*Let me add a disclaimer – there are lots of ways to go about This particular (first off being which just having books can be Great enough) although we wanted to show another option or method of styling shelves which could be helpful. 

Emily Henderson Pink Shelf Styling Step 1

1. Start with your books – maybe This particular’s only a few books (like This particular) or a library full of dusty old novels. Stack them both vertically along with horizontally along with pepper the colors around evenly for a more collected, yet pulled together look. In different words don’t throw all your darker books in one corner along with your lighter books in another UNLESS you are doing which colour coding thing which will be more for a proper bookshelf, less for a collection of pieces along with objects like This particular.

Emily Henderson Pink Shelf Styling STEP 2

2. Add art – Not all shelving can house art although if This particular can, DO This particular. Incorporating art into your shelves does some truly Great things: 1.) This particular adds personality, obviously, as art will be one of those purchases which we make based on what we like, not based on function. 2.) This particular draws your eye to the back of the shelf, thus doing This particular look deeper along with bigger along with creating a sense of layering. 3.) This particular takes up a lot of visual real estate which will be otherwise hard to fill with smaller objects.

Emily Henderson Pink Shelf Styling Step 3

3. Mix This particular up – This particular will be where you add all your pretty things – your objects, sculptures, vessels, collections along with even lighting. Mix up the textures, sizes, styles along with tones although stay within which colour palette so This particular doesn’t look like a thrift store.

Emily Henderson Pink Shelf

A lot of people don’t know where to start when decorating their own home, so within the book, STYLED, I break down the smaller concepts, each vignette, each art wall along with if you read the book along with implement the ideas you will, someday soon, look around along with magically (This particular will seem) your home will have come together to look like the best variation of your personality possible.

How To Style Your Shelves Emily Henderson
Pink Shelf Styling
Guide To Styling Your Shelf Henderson
Emily Henderson Pink Shelf Styling

***All photos by Tessa Neustadt for EHD, check the design/build of my bookshelf, along with how to style 1 bookcase four different ways for more shelf styling fun. 

**Here’s a secret. We made the red within the rug more pink to work with the shelves. Did you catch the difference? Also we shot This particular when we shot This particular bookshelf styling post although saved This particular for spring what with the happy colour palette along with all. My shelves are back to normal although I loved seeing them This particular way. 

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