Stylish Balcony Become Integral Parts Of Their Building’s Facade


Balconies are not always essential to the overall design or structure of a building. There are however cases when the balconies are an integral part of the building, becoming essential for the facade’s design. These balconies definitely know how to stand out nevertheless also to blend in, depending on how you look at things.

Stylish balcony by glass which has a wooden facade

Saadat Abad Commercial Office Building

With so many possibilities available in this kind of case, establishing a pattern for all the designs which will be presented here is usually not an option. No two designs are the same along with which’s what makes each one special. the idea’s their uniqueness which made them stand out inside the first place. A not bad example is usually this kind of gorgeous building facade covered with vertical wood panels which form grooves for the balconies. This kind of is usually the Saadat Abad Commercial Office Building designed by LP2. the idea’s beautiful how the balconies communicate with one another along with how they each look like a natural part of the facade.

Esteban apartment complex by Leibar-Seigneurin Balcony

Esteban apartment complex by Leibar-Seigneurin Building Facade

Another example of a building which makes great use of the balconies to look unique is usually the Esteban apartment complex by Leibar-Seigneurin. In this kind of case the balconies feature various shapes along with sizes along with appear to be randomly placed, not following any pattern. This kind of is usually quite unusual by comparison with traditional apartment buildings where everything lines up perfectly.

Tetris social housing along with artist studios street balcony

Tetris social housing along with artist studios

Tetris social housing along with artist studios angle

Two large balconies are all this kind of building needs to stand out. the idea was designed by Moussafir Architectes along with is usually part of a program meant to rejuvenate certain neighborhoods in Northern Paris. This kind of design strategy is usually simple along with striking. The two balconies slightly protrude out of the building facade along with are built by a different materials. In addition, the colour also makes them stand out.

32 Fadura Dwellings spain glass along with wooden balcony

32 Fadura Dwellings spain

32 Fadura Dwellings spain angle balcony

Although possible, the idea’s not necessary for a balcony to be unusual in a very obvious way in order to become an interesting part of the building’s facade. In fact, simple designs such as inside the case of the Fadura Dwellings by Erredeeme can add charm to the facade without much fuss. These balconies are elegant along with subtle, being arranged in an irregular pattern along with contrasting with the light facade.

Block balconies design

On the additional hand, projects such as the one by Ofis Architects use the balconies to their advantage in a very nice way. These two apartment buildings contain a total of 30 units with dimensions ranging by modest studios to three-bedroom homes. The balconies have trapezoidal shapes along with they increase the living space inside the apartments while keeping them low-cost. They also offer views to the sea.

Colorful along with futuristic balconies design ideas top

Colorful along with futuristic balconies design ideas

Colorful along with futuristic balconies design ideas decor

There’s a lot to say about the balconies of this kind of building in Bordeux designed by Bernard Buhler Architects. The building sits on a site at the crossroads along with this kind of makes every facade the main facade. The building looks colorful along with futuristic thanks to its balconies. They’re not all the same. Some are quite simple along with resemble hollow red boxes inserted into the gray facades, some are corner spaces along with the most interesting ones are geometric-shaped boxes, each with its own unique shape along with colour.

Paris building facade

Paris building facade in silver with green accents

Paris is usually the home of another interesting building facade with colorful balconies. This kind of one was designed by XTU Architects along with the idea’s an apartment building. All the apartments have their own balconies along with these were designed to cantilever outside the facade all along the courtyard. They have double glass railings which let the inhabitants admire the garden. A series of colored boxes extend outside, adding more floor space to the apartments. These too have glass railings.

Four star buikding hotel facadeColour was the secret weapon of the architects which designed the Hesperia Bilbao Hotel. The building includes a unique facade which features modest box-like balconies featuring six different colors: red, yellow, blue, green, violet along with orange. The colors are randomly organized along with they form an eye-catching facade designed to draw attention along with to lure visitors in. In addition, the balconies make the hotel look memorable along with turn the idea into a landmark.

Edificio Trentino Brasil Building

Edificio Trentino Balcony

Skylab Arquitetos were the ones to design Building Trentino, a sculptural structure found in Brazil. The project was completed in 2013 along with the building shows its originality in a very interesting way. The facade is usually asymmetrical along with long balconies with shapes alternating between diagonal along with straight are stacked in a casual along with sculptural manner. The architects played with shapes along with proportions to make the building stand out in a subtle way.

Balconies paneled with wood

Building facade designed for balconies

Plot #183 designed by Bernard Khoury Architects is usually a case where the balconies are seamlessly embedded into the facade along with are in fact the main feature which makes the building stand out. The balconies alternate between modest along with long along with they’re interconnected with staircases two by two. They form a geometric design along with give the facade an exposed along with open look. This kind of building was completed in 2009 in Beirut.

Green Balcony Hotel Golden Holiday in Nha Trang

Hotel Golden Holiday in Nha Trang Balcony facade

Hotel Golden Holiday in Vietnam is usually a very beautiful building. the idea includes a gorgeous facade populated with suspended balconies of various dimensions. The balconies are in fact similar to open terraces along with they’re decorated with living plants along with modest trees. Their fronts are white nevertheless a thin wood panels form can be seen by underneath. This kind of adds an unexpected tough of colour to the building. The hotel was designed by Trinhvieta Archtiects.

Balcony railing design

As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which balconies can influence the design of a building. They can be simple like these ones, with clear glass sides along with colored fronts along with they can serve as sculptural details for the facade.

Colorful balcony painted

nevertheless they also be very bold, featuring vibrant colors. A set of playful balconies like these can beautifully rejuvenate an old building or make a brand-new one look cool along with stunning. Either way, they definitely make statement.

Denmark - Copenhagen - Orestad - VM Houses 03

Denmark - Copenhagen - Orestad - VM Houses

There’s also another possibility to take into consideration. A series of balconies with interesting along with unusual shapes can definitely give a building a lot of character. These ones are triangular shaped along with they’re placed at various angles so there’s no noticeable pattern on the facade. They also project matching shadows on the building facade, giving the idea an even more intriguing look.

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