Stylish Kitchen Island Designs will Have You Swooning!


One of the most central spaces in your home is actually the kitchen. People gather to snack, chat as well as even entertain. As well as one way to love the room even more as well as make this particular even more special is actually to add one of these function as well as stylish kitchen islands into the mix. Check out 20 of our favorites below!

1. Wood

Reclaimed wood kitchen island design

Check out this particular rustic wood step in which contrasts well with this particular traditional, creamy space. We love the burners inside center giving more counter space around the rest of the room.

2. Shelving

White kitchen island which has a butcher counter top

Go with an island in which has some built in shelving. You’ll have a nice place to gather all of your cookbooks as well as keep recipe cards at a quick reach away.

3. Midnight

Skegg Kitchen

This particular midnight blue island has ample storage space, a spot to display as well as enough style to transform the kitchen. We love its eclectic as well as rustic vibes.

4. Layered

Layered kitchen island

Here’s an interesting as well as contemporary take on the traditional kitchen island. This particular has two levels – one for prepping as well as one for entertaining as well as enjoying what you’ve made.

5. Storage

Charming kitchen island on wheels

This particular charming island is actually dipped in a gorgeous shade of blue as well as has ample amounts of storage underneath this particular’s countertop. There are some drawers woven in in which help out too.

6. Family

Traditional family kitchen design

This particular island is actually perfect for a family space. There’s room for display, there’s room for afternoon homework, ample prep space as well as this particular’s even long enough to entertain too.

7. Contrast

Contrast between wood as well as marble for kitchen

As well as here we have a super chic as well as posh island in which’s full of contemporary style. The marble as well as deep, rich wood is actually beautifully contrasting to the marble in which’s atop.

8. Custom

Custom kitchen island chairs

Sturdy as well as bold, this particular gray island makes a bold statement inside this particular traditional, family kitchen. This particular’s a custom built addition, which is actually great for people in which are looking for very specific pieces.

9. modest

modest recycled kitchen island

To be functional, this particular doesn’t have to be large. This particular rustic as well as vintage-flavored piece does this particular’s job in This particular kitchen as well as also adds a pop of texture as well as thematic decor.

10. Teal

Teal shade kitchen island

First of all, we love this particular shade inside kitchen. As well as second, the breakfast bar area compliments the easy prep space perfectly.

11. Seating

Kitchen island seating

Here’s another multi-purpose kitchen island as well as this particular time this particular’s full of seating space. This particular double as everything you need in an island nevertheless also a dinner table too.

12. Cottage

Cottage kitchen island

Quaint as well as beautiful, this particular cottage-inspired piece is actually modest too nevertheless this particular’s works for your needs. There’s a breakfast bar area as well as enough room to prepare dinner too.

13. Large

Large kitchen island with bench

Here’s another island in which’s custom built as well as meant for a family to enjoy. This particular’s innovative, this particular’s creative as well as this particular’s also a bit luxurious too.

14. Traditional

Traditional kitchen island design

Traditional as well as easy-to-find, you don’t have to have anything too grandiose to be both functional as well as stylish inside kitchen. This particular has extra storage, room for prep as well as you can pull up a stool too.

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