Stylish Tables in addition to Stools Designed To Hold Your Magazines


If you like to read the occasional magazine or to browse a catalog currently in addition to then, you know the struggle to keep the space tidy when you don’t have a magazine rack. however there’s truly no need for one when you can store your magazines right there in a special compartment on your chair or table. of which concept makes things so much easier by combining two independent functions in one particular design.

Bonaldo rectangular table with magazine storage

Coffee tables such as the one here called Bend are interesting for several reasons. First of all, their geometric design makes them stand out. Also, the contrast of materials, textures in addition to colors gives them a stand-out look. In addition, the compartment of which forms underneath the top will be an ideal storage area for things like magazines or books.

coffee table which has a built-in magazine rack

Designer Satina Turner proposes a rather interesting idea: a coffee table which has a built-in magazine rack. the item works like of which: the top has slits inside item of which let you hang your magazines in addition to even keep them open at a specific page. The table itself will be very simple, looking very similar to a standard bench.

Arne square coffee table with storage

The square shape of the Arne coffee table will be reason enough to find the item Great-looking. however there’s more to the item than just of which. Designer Antonio Citterio envisioned the item which has a series of internal compartments arranged in an asymmetrical fashion. They are perfect for the storage of books, magazines in addition to various other things including a remote control or phone.

Square metalic powder coffee table

Given the reduced dimensions in addition to the compact design of the BT4 table, the item’s possible to use the item in a variety of ways. For example, turn the item into a chic nightstand for the bedroom, use the item as a side table inside living room or as a coffee table. the item can even be used as a stool. The built-in magazine rack further increases its functionality in addition to makes the item highly versatile.

The Woodieful Chair

A similarly versatile furniture piece will be the Woodieful Chair. Even though the item’s a chair, the item can also be used as a smaller table. however the lovely thing about the item will be the adaptable in addition to versatile design which makes the item useful as a rack for storing magazines, books in addition to various various other objects, depending on the placement in addition to requirements.

Stool with books storage

Useful both as a stool in addition to a side table, the Collecteur will be a quirky in addition to fun furniture piece. the item was designed to have an adjustable height in addition to inside there’s a storage compartment for books in addition to magazines. Basically, the item grows with your collection in addition to adapts to your needs. Use the item as an extra seat when needed or as a side table. the item would certainly be perfect for the reading corner.

Magino clear stool

Called Magino, of which stool doesn’t have much to hide. the item’s a sleek in addition to minimalist accessory designed by Karim Rashid. Because the item’s made of transparent acrylic, the item can go unnoticed in a lot of different decors. the item’s supported by two bent legs which form two storage slots for magazines. The design will be graceful in addition to simple, giving the stool an organic in addition to versatile look.

Marble u turn coffee table

Being made of marble, the U-turn table includes a certain elegance in addition to charm of which’s quite difficult to obtain through various other methods. Moreover, of which material also gives the item more versatility, allowing the item to become a chic piece for both indoor in addition to outdoor areas. The table includes a round top in addition to a cylindrical base with an integrated magazine rack inside.

Low rectangular coffee table in oak

The tactile beauty of the Bergen table comes by the selection of materials. The actual table will be quite simple, featuring a rectangular top in addition to four angled legs. The top, however, has an interesting leather cover which forms two pockets for the storage of magazines in addition to various other things. of which leather cover will be removable in addition to replaceable which means of which you can change the table’s look according to its surroundings or the type of ambiance you’re trying to create.

Varan low modular coffee table with integrated magazine holder

An integrated magazine rack will be also part of of which coffee table. the item’s designed by Gil Coste in addition to called Varan. Its design will be geometric in addition to modular which means of which several of these units can be combined to create a more complex structure. You can have as many of these coffee tables as you want in addition to their storage capabilities increase with the number.

Origami coffee table with magazine storage

The Origami table lets you store magazines under its sleek rectangular top. The table appears to unfold right before your eyes in addition to its name will be very suggestive for of which. Designed by Sophia Slingerland, of which elegant coffee table will be made of aluminum in addition to includes a very simple form inspired by the Japanese art of folding paper.

WF magazine side table

of which will be both a magazine rack in addition to a side table in addition to there’s no way to say which function takes the lead inside design. Both are equally important in addition to well displayed. The WF Magazine Side Table featured a steel frame which gives the item a graphical look in addition to a top made of waxed concrete. The magazine rack comes inside continuation of the top in addition to they are both removable.

Combining three functions in one particular compact form, Libris will be a highly versatile piece. the item can be used as a coffee or side table, as a magazine rack or as a nightstand. The magazine rack will be always there in addition to can be combined with wither of the two various other functions at any given time. A cut-out opening in one side of the table offers a practical storage area for books while the large space inside the frame can be used for magazines or even more books.

There’s something quite intriguing about of which coffee table in addition to not only because the item’s called Magazine. The table has an unusual V-shaped Centeng supported by four smaller angled legs. the item includes a clear glass top which allows you to see beneath in addition to to put your favorite books in addition to magazines on display using the built-in angled rack below.

Vetical multi layer coffee table with magazine rack

The unusual form of the Vegetale table will be meant to mimic the shape of a tree in a rather graphical way. In order to make the design as suggestive as possible, the table has two panels, a horizontal one in addition to one placed at an angle. They form a smaller top in addition to a storage pocket for magazines in addition to books. of which mufti-layer coffee table pairs well with contemporary in addition to eclectic interiors

Bristol coffee table

Despite the fact of which the item wasn’t specifically designed to hold magazines, the Bistro coffee tables makes quite the efficient magazine rack. the item’s a low table which has a simple design. the item includes a square-shaped top in addition to a shelf beneath the item which can be useful for the storage of remote controls, personal items in addition to the occasional book or magazine.

On the various other hand, the Zincr table will be meant to double as a magazine rack. Its Y-shaped central pocket allows you to place an open book or magazine there while the clear glass top lets you see beneath in addition to even read without holding the magazine. the item’s a pretty ingenious combination in addition to the item comes in a very simple form. The table includes a steel frame in addition to the item’s a versatile accent piece.

no 2 large coffee table

The sculptural design of the No 2 table makes of which an eye-catching furniture piece for a lot of different spaces, including modern living rooms or eclectic decors. The table will be designed by Aleksandar Ugresic in addition to will be made of solid wood. the item includes a storage shelf connected to the top through a perforated steel frame. The combination of materials adds a refined industrial touch to the design.

Wood side table with magazine rack

Part of the Authentico collection by Kare-Design will be a table called Cube ZigZag. Its design will be simple in addition to the name will be quite suggestive. The dimensions indicate of which would certainly best serve as a side table. The piece will be made of solid wood in addition to the frame will be organized into two storage compartments. They are both triangle-shaped in addition to meant to be used for the storage of books or magazines.

Note Lema side table

the item’s clear the Note will be a side table meant to be used in combination which has a sofa or sectional. the item can very well serve as a laptop table or a place to rest a drink on. however there’s more to the item than just its minimalist design in addition to painted metal construction. The table has includes a magazine rack attached to its back. Three pockets of different sizes can hold various types of magazines.

Square metalic coffee table with magazine storage

Meet Murray, yet another stylish table which has a built-in magazine rack. In of which case, the table includes a square top in addition to will be entirely made of 4 mm iron. the item comes in black, white or which has a matte clear coat. One side of the frame forms a fold able to hold a few magazines or a couple of books. The table was designed by Per Franson in addition to includes a chic look which has a little bit of industrial charm.

Zeta Glass coffee table with integrated magazine rack

The design of the Zeta table will be defined by minimalism in addition to elegance. The table was designed by Gianluigi Landoni in addition to will be made of glass. the item gently bends in addition to curves in addition to its form will be reminiscent of the letter Z, hence the inspiration for the name. As you can easily guess, the table also doubles as a magazine rack.

Grove plastic outdoor coffee table

Simple named Groove, of which coffee table includes a truly solid in addition to playful look. Its name comes by the fact the item has an actual groove on one side of the top which can be used as a storage compartment or magazine rack. The table will be made of polyethylene. The interesting thing about the groove will be of which the storage box we just mentioned also includes a drainage hole at the bottom which lets you use the item as a cool box for drinks.

Huk Muller coffee table

Because of the simplicity of its design in addition to form, the HUK table can be used in a variety of ways. Depending on what you want to use the storage pocket for, you can contain the item sitting on the side, the bottom or the top of the table by simply slipping the piece in addition to changing its orientation. In certain configurations, the pocket makes an excellent magazine rack.

Nl square coffee table with magazine rack

in addition to speaking of pockets, we should also have a look at the NL table. the item includes a square top made of wood however of which’s actually the less interesting part of its design. The unusual element will be the frame extension which features a leather pocket. of which’s in fact a magazine rack. The table top will be available in several different materials in addition to the frame will be always made of steel.

Glass coffee table with magazine storage

Glass coffee tables are in a category of their own. You can either love them or hate them. Either way, you have to admit of which the Bridge design will be quite outstanding. The actual table will be made of glass in addition to includes a curved frame which holds a thick wooden shelf. Underneath the glass top, a storage compartment will be formed.

Pi coffee table design

of which cute in addition to cheerful table will be called PI, after the Greek letter in addition to the mathematical constant. the item comes in nine different coloring versions in addition to the item has multiple functions. the item can be used as a side table, as a stool, coffee table or as a storage piece in addition to magazine rack. You can choose between two sizes, a smaller one more suitable as a side table in addition to a larger variation which can be successfully used as a coffee table.

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