Stylish Ways To Decorate With Modern Bathroom Vanities


The vanity is actually the feature most likely to serve as s focal point in a bathroom along with the reason for of which is actually quite simple: everything else is actually utilitarian along with doesn’t leave much room for customization. Tubs don’t usually stand out unless you absolutely want them to along with shower cabins are pretty basic too. of which leaves the modern bathroom vanities as the most likely option. If you choose to have one custom-made you have a lot of stylish designs along with ideas to choose by so let’s get to the item along with have a look at some.

Floating wood vanity that has a mid century flair

Opt for a floating bathroom vanity if you want to make the room appear larger, more spacious along with more airy than the item actually is actually. There are lots of advantages offered by of which type of design. For example, wall-mounted vanities allow you to easily clean under them or to add LED strip light to the underside for a glowing effect.

wood countertop of which holds two bathroom sinks

Shelf vanities are also very practical along with great at keeping the room spacious along with airy. You can easily build something as stylish as of which yourself. You’d need the support legs along that has a thick wooden counter. If you want you can also add a bottom shelf for towel storage.

Cape code wood top along with stainless steel legs

If you decide to go that has a wood vanity, consider a live edge counter. the item has the potential of giving the room a distinctively elegant along with sophisticated look. the item is actually possible to create such a design yourself or to even repurpose an existing furniture piece. In any case, keep the design simple along with let the materials speak for themselves.

light wood bathroom vanity

A wall-mounted vanity doesn’t necessarily have to mean less storage space. You can have sufficient storage along with keep the room spacious that has a design of which’s simple along with practical. You can conceal the drawers by choosing not to add drawer pulls or knobs along with to instead use a hidden system.

Reclaimed wood turned into luxury wood for bathroom furniture

Consider matching your bathroom vanity to different elements present inside the room. For example, you can have a matching storage unit or the vanity could coordinate with the wall behind the item in some way. Another option is actually to choose a design of which’s simple along with interesting at the same time, like of which one here along with its mosaic of colors.

Large along with long bathroom vanity along with mirror with light

If you want the vanity to accommodate two sinks, then a clean along with linear design could be just right. Position the two sinks inside the desired spots along with use the rest of the surface as a counter or storage surface. Since the vanity is actually wide, the item can include sufficient storage without having to occupy any floor space.

Floor storage along with floating vanity top

Modern bathroom vanities stand out inside the most interesting along with simple ways. In of which case, the counter holding the two sinks is actually an extension of the vanity which takes the form of a compact storage cabinet. The vanity is actually suspended above the floor so the area rug can comfortably fit underneath.

Reclaimed wood slab for countertop

the item’s always rewarding to explore along with highlight the beautiful particularities of the materials included in a design. For example, a wood vanity can make a bathroom feel warm along with can also feature a actually nice texture along with shade which can be highlighted with vanity lights or through stylish contrasts.

Vanity like a table for bathroom

Display a mirror that has a frame of which matches the vanity to get a bathroom decor of which’s cohesive along with stylish in a classy way. The combination could look particularly elegant along with beautiful if both the vanity along with the mirror frame were made of wood in order to add a warm touch to the whole room.

Solid wood floating countertop for bathroom

Update your bathroom design that has a modern vanity of which looks simple although offers great functionality. Instead of a one-piece unit, consider a solid wood counter of which’s detached by the storage cabinet. The space in between can be used as a storage compartment for towels. The two elements can contrast along with complement each different at the same time.

bathroom double vanity

You can maintain an open look for your bathroom along with still have enough storage by adding a modest unit above the vanity, just under the mirror. the item can be a simple open shelf or a unit with tiny drawers for little things of which need storage such as q-tips, makeup products, napkins along with different things.

Wood tray vanity top

In a lot of cases, the vanity along with the sink are treated as a set thereby are chosen to perfectly match the complement each different. of which particular design featured the sink in perfect continuation of the vanity. The design conceals the sink as a part of the vanity itself along with was possible because of the simplicity of both designs.

Walnut bathroom vanity design

Contrasts are beautiful if used in a stylish manner. A wooden vanity that has a dark stained finish can contrast that has a white counter top along with sink. of which creates a clear distinction between the two elements along with the combination is actually also very elegant along with versatile, integrating well in a lot of decors.

Floating wood bathroom vanity

A similar combination is actually also featured here, the only difference being the size of the vanity.

modern reclaimed wood vanity

Add a rustic touch to a modern bathroom that has a vanity made of reclaimed wood or that has a distressed finish. the item can be a DIY project, a store-bought piece or a custom design. Either way, the design could have to be simple to allow the material along with finish to stand out. You can complement the vanity that has a sleek along with modern sink or washbasin.

geometric bathroom wood vanity with storage

Simplicity can take many different forms, each beautiful in its own way. Modern vanities at experts at perfectly combining looks along with function. of which product includes built-in side shelves along that has a lean along with clean front panel with an angled shape means to give the vanity a sculptural look.

Tiny bathroom vanity with storage

A similar design is actually here emphasized by wall-mounted mirrors of which light up by behind. of which soft glow is actually pleasing to the eye along with creates a warm along with comfortable ambiance inside the room.

wood vanity with marble on top

Although white sinks are the most common, black can be a stylish alternative. There’s a bit more flexibility if you choose a washbasin instead of a sink. A black washbasin can be placed on a matching counter, giving the vanity an elegant along with sophisticated look.

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