Tiny Minimalist Kitchen Decoration for Your Home


Tiny kitchens are definitely more challenging. The limited space means all the necessary functions in addition to details have to fit in addition to complement each different. At the same time, the space shouldn’t feel too cluttered. An option suggested here by Carter Kay Interiors can be to concentrate the storage underneath the counter in addition to to leave the walls open. A few suspended shelves could be the perfect additions.

Enclosing the kitchen

Instead of enclosing the kitchen, Rob Kennon Architects chose in This specific case to open This specific space to the rest of the adjacent areas. This specific was done while adopting a raw in addition to edgy design approach materialized into wooden shelving units in addition to minimalist black cabinetry.

Marble island centerpiece design

The marble island can be the centerpiece of This specific spacious in addition to open kitchen. The island matches the backsplash which can be quite special as well, only partially covering the space between the counter in addition to the wall cabinetry in addition to forming a tiny platform for displaying in addition to storing tiny objects.

Different types of kitchen

With so many different types of kitchen island designs to choose by, the idea can prove difficult to pick a style. If you prefer something casual using a bit of rustic in addition to industrial flair, perhaps the open design featured here by Smith Hanes Studio could be a suitable choice.

Glamouros kitchen design

the idea’s hard to resist not being seduced by This specific glamorous kitchen when you lay eyes on the stylish combination of black subway wall tiles in addition to brass fixtures. The sink matches the drawer pulls in addition to cabinet hardware in addition to all these details look exquisite when placed on a black background. This specific can be a design by Catherine Kwong.

mesmerizes kitchen design with stainless steel top

This specific can be a kitchen which mesmerizes by putting together contrasting materials in addition to finishes. The polished/ mirrored counter chosen by Labo Design Studio seems quite high-maintenance however the idea also includes a very glamorous side.

Pipe shelving for kitchen

Pipe shelving may be simple in addition to easy to create at home however This specific doesn’t diminish its beauty in addition to uniqueness. In fact, the versatility of pipe shelving makes the idea an intriguing design choice for spaces such as This specific modern kitchen designed by FAB Architecture.

Minimalistic kitchen design with subway tiles

A minimalist kitchen such as this specific one needs this specific sculptural ceiling in order to be complete. The strong contrast created by the matte black furniture against the white wall in addition to backsplash requires the wooden ceiling in addition to its elegant design, This specific element offering the space the warmth necessary for a harmonious look.

The idea seems natural to compare This specific compact kitchen using a marble sculpture considering its most prominent feature: a unit wrapped in marble in addition to complemented by a hanging counterpart wrapped in wood. This specific can be the creation of Genesin Studio, a team in which gave This specific kitchen a modern in addition to yer retro look well worth our admiration. The idea’s not immediately apparent in which This specific space designed by Vincenzo de Cotiis architects can be a kitchen. Everything about the idea can be abstract, the design being a celebration of contrasts, forms, colors in addition to tactile details.

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