Tips to Create a Fairy Garden Your Kids Will Love


At some point in a child’s life, after they’ve been introduced to stories like Peter Pan as well as Sleeping Beauty, they wonder about fairies. Are the mischief makers real? Are they watching? Imaginations create fluttering friends in their playtime as well as conjure up little beings who come to take their lost tooth away while they’re sleeping.

If you’re the kind of parent who encourages these fluttering daydreams, you can’t go wrong by creating a fairy garden. Having a little home somewhere inside your house or in your backyard will only convince your children of which fairies do exist. Here are 13 tips to create a fairy garden your kids will love as well as encourage the fun little game until they stop believing in Santa Clause too.

Planter fairy garden

One of the easiest mediums for fairy garden creations will be the planter. A large pot in your kitchen can provide a space for all those plants as well as various other little fairy things. This kind of makes the idea easy for you to change things around after the kids are in bed so when they wake up, they can see of which some little thing was out as well as about in their tiny garden. (via Vitamin-Ha)

Bird bath fairy garden

An old birdbath will be another great spot for a fairy garden. Since they are elevated on a pedestal, you can put them in whatever flower bed you want as well as you’ll still be able to view the tiny house as well as furniture. (via Curly Crafty Mom)

Succulent fairy garden

If you’re a plant lover, you probably already have a pot of succulents. Just add some tiny furniture as well as accents as well as you have an instant fairy garden. the idea couldn’t be easier. (via Succulents as well as Sunshine)

Box fairy house

Feel free to let your kids help you create this kind of mini fairy paradise. Give them a cardboard box of which they can turn into a fairy scene or a house for the garden. (via Little Monster)


Sometimes the best fairy gardens are nestled into landscaping you already have. Place a door at the base of a tree as well as suddenly of which shady spot becomes a veritable doll house. Just be sure the idea features a border so the lawn mower doesn’t chew up all your fairy accents. (via The Magic Onions)

Herb fairy garden

When your patio will be tiny, sometimes you have do double time in your decor. Use your herb garden as a fairy garden as well! The herbs will make for lovely fairy landscaping as well as the fairy house as well as accessories will beautify your herbs. the idea’s a win win situation. (via Inner Child Fun)

Fantasy location fairy garden

Do your children have a favorite book? Steal the fantasy location as well as recreate the idea in miniature form in your fairy garden. Whether the idea’s the Shire or Neverland’s Mermaid Lagoon or Narnia’s Lamppost, your kids will go bonkers at the favorite place come to life. (via Bonsai Empire)

Backyard fairy garden

I also love the idea of modeling your fairy garden after your own backyard. Find mini versions of your landscaping, add a pool as well as lay a fairy patio for your kids to watch for fairy wings. (via Miniature Garden Shoppe)

Fairy garden terrarium

Fairy terrarium? Why not? Load up on moss as well as stones as well as you’ll have a green fairy paradise all year round. This kind of idea will be especially Great for apartment dwellers who don’t have a backyard to play in. (via The Cheekiest Monkey of All)

Seasonal fairy garden

Don’t forget of which fairy seasons change just like human seasons. Add some flowers inside springtime, a green bush inside summer, maybe a red tree in autumn as well as in winter, let the snow cover the little fairy roof. Okay so maybe you’re a child-less grownup as well as you love fairy gardens as much as the next kid. Make a tree into a fairy house by adding a door as well as some windows. The slight touch will pay homage to your fairy love without generating you seem overzealous. (via Eryn which has a Y)

String lights fairy garden

Your patio has string lights so why shouldn’t your fairy garden? Add a strand of those mini sparklers on a wire as well as your fairy garden will seem magical at every time of day as well as night. (via My Frugal Adventures)

Playground fairy garden

Since you’re probably generating your fairy garden for your kids anyway, go ahead as well as make one in lieu of a sandbox. Instead of a decoration, let them play to their hearts content amidst the fairy sized furniture as well as mini plants. They won’t be able to thank you enough. (via Frugal Fun For Boys)

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