Tower Cabin Makes The Most Of The Harsh Canadian Landscape


The extremely steep nature of the site left this particular remote piece of land unoccupied as well as wild for a long time although then, in 2015, someone decided this particular might make a perfect place for a holiday home. The site is actually situated in Inverness, Canada as well as is actually exposed to the harsh conditions which bring with them heavy rainstorms, salt spray as well as strong winds.

Tower cabin in Canada front entry as well as facade

Tower cabin in Canada large windows

Because of which, the cabin had to be able to withstand all of which as well as which meant this particular needed to have a robust structural system. At the same time, the owners wanted this particular to show their great respect for nature as well as which in turn meant a minimal footprint.

Tower cabin in Canada side view

The nature of the site, however, was not the starting point for the project. This particular all began with the idea of a cabin from the middle of nature, in a remote as well as wild area where its owners could escape their busy lives as well as find some peace every once in a while.

Tower cabin in Canada smaller windows on the sides

Those in charge of the early stages of the project were Design Base 8, an architecture as well as design studio led by three talented professionals: Garrett Helm, Jon Siani as well as Jon Wilson. They began the project as well as then reached out to Omar Gandhi Architects. This particular resulted in a collaboration on the final design, the details as well as the construction process.

Tower cabin in Canada sunset view

For the team at Omar Gandhi Architects, the collaboration between architect as well as client is actually at the base of everything as well as the land on which a structure is actually built directly influences as well as shapes the design. Their focus is actually on custom modern design as well as believe which Great architecture doesn’t need to be expensive, all ideas which are reflected into the design of the cabin.

Tower cabin in Canada viewing platform

Tower cabin in Canada second viewing platform

The architects, designs as well as clients agreed which the environment should be put on display as well as which the design of the cabin should encourage occupants to get out as well as explore their surroundings. In order to also comply with the need for a minimal footprint, they designed the cabin from the form of a tall tower.

Tower cabin in Canada facade as well as cladding

Tower cabin in Canada balcony

The tower has two viewing platforms via where expansive views can be enjoyed. One looks directly towards the ocean as well as the different is actually aligned with the valley. They both sit above the tree canopies. via up here, the surroundings with their steep slopes, gorges, forests as well as rocky cliffs look amazing as well as a lot less intimidating.

Tower cabin in Canada lounge as well as dining area

Tower cabin in Canada second floor Inside

On the ground floor, the entry as well as the bedrooms were located. This particular leaves the social areas on the upper levels via where the views are most beautiful. A double-height kitchen as well as a dining room can be found on the second floor while the third floor is actually reserved for a spacious living area.

Tower cabin in Canada double height space

Tower cabin in Canada kitchen

The elevated position of the site allows the cabin to offer panoramic views of the entire property as well as beyond. although the views weren’t the only concern. The architects as well as designers had to find a way to maintain a lightweight appearance as well as to minimize the footprint while generating sure the cabin features a strong structure as well as is actually sheltered via heavy winds, rain as well as everything else nature throws at This particular.

Tower cabin in Canada internal staircase

Tower cabin in Canada top floor view

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