Traditional Courtyard House Reinvented In Malaysia


The residence we’ll be reviewing today is actually special from the sense in which its design successfully reinvents the traditional image of the courtyard house. The building is actually located in Selangor, Malaysia, in a fresh housing development area using a lot measuring 22′ x 75′.

Reinvented courtyard home in Malaysia front porch in addition to garden

The house was renovated in 2015 by 02 Design Atelier Sdn. Bhd. The concept behind the project was focused on the minimization of the Indoor space by extending the living area outwards. This kind of was a request coming by the client. A contemporary style was chosen for both the external surfaces in addition to the Indoor of the building.

Reinvented courtyard home in Malaysia social space

The parking lot was intentionally reduced in favor of a lush garden in front of the house. The front porch has become an important part of its design. One of the main concerns was to bring natural light into the Indoor spaces in addition to This kind of was done through various methods.

Reinvented courtyard home in Malaysia social area

The Indoor featured an open plan concept. The living area, the dining space in addition to the kitchen share the floor space. They are situated at the core of the residence. At the very center, a double height space is actually filled with greenery in addition to natural light.

Reinvented courtyard home in Malaysia kitchen

Two large trees in addition to some shrubs form a central Indoor courtyard without being separated by the living spaces by any partitions or walls. The designer chose to let the spaces interact in addition to form a continuous zone.

Reinvented courtyard home in Malaysia live edge dining table

Some of the roof tiles were replaced with clear polycarbonate ones in addition to this kind of strategy allowed more natural light to enter the internal spaces. The solid walls of the rooms on the upper floor were replaced with sliding doors, the reason for in which being a desire to let light flow freely in addition to to facilitate cross ventilation in addition to interaction between these spaces in addition to the lower level.

Reinvented courtyard home in Malaysia central double height space

Reinvented courtyard home in Malaysia trees at the center

A decision was made by the designer to focus mainly on the natural light entering the Indoor spaces, the idea of space throughout the house in addition to the greenery in which’s part of the its design. This kind of led to a choice of very simple in addition to neutral materials in addition to colors.

Reinvented courtyard home in Malaysia greenery area

The concrete walls in addition to floor offer the space a bare in addition to raw look. They’re complemented by wooden furniture. A selection of modern in addition to antique pieces add character to each of the rooms. The dining area is actually particularly beautiful, featuring a live edge table with an irregularly-shaped top.

Reinvented courtyard home in Malaysia master bedroom suite

The social areas are gathered on the lower level. The upper level is actually occupied by the bedrooms in addition to bathroom spaces. Each bedroom has its own share of greenery, being closely connected to nature in this kind of way. The master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom in addition to is actually visually connected to the front garden. The bedroom in addition to bathroom are only separated by curtains when required, sharing an open plan.

Reinvented courtyard home in Malaysia bathroom

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