Unique Kitchens Design To Improve Your Culinary Experience


We’ve reached a point in design where innovation is usually the foundation of everything. Designs that will bring something completely new to the table, that will impress is usually an ingenious in addition to unexpected way or that will invite us to rethink everything we knew about a certain thing by reinventing the basics are perceived as unique in addition to worthy of appreciation. All these elements can be applied to Internal design so today we’ll focus on kitchens in addition to we’ll explore three extraordinary designs.

The Infinity Kitchen

All modern kitchens are characterized by simplicity, functionality in addition to great aesthetics. None of them, however, can even be compared to the Infinity Kitchen. This kind of’s not because This kind of’s more functional nevertheless because This kind of has something no various other kitchen has: a completely transparent design.

Infinity Kitchen transparent design

The Infinity kitchen was designed by MVRDV, a company founded back in 1993 in Rotterdam which is usually driven by the desire to find solutions to contemporary issues using highly collaborative in addition to research-based methods. The kitchen is usually displayed at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Infinity Kitchen see-through Internal

To better understand the concept behind This kind of unusual design strategy, we have to analyze the kitchen coming from the most basic in addition to simple point of view in addition to to realize that will This kind of is usually a space we all rely on daily in addition to one that will has an interesting artistic side.

Infinity kitchen in dim light

When we’re cooking that will’s not just a mechanical thing we do. This kind of art in addition to this kind of always different in addition to unique. A transparent kitchen strips away that will cover that will only lets us the final results in addition to exposed the entire process in addition to everything that will’s going on inside.

Infinity Kitchen side view

The goal in This kind of case was to reinvent the typical modern day modular kitchen in a way that will allows the overall culinary experience to be enhanced. Inside in addition to outside in addition to Infinity kitchen everything is usually transparent. This kind of includes the counter top, the storage compartments, the back panels, the containers, food preparation surfaces in addition to even the garbage bins.

This kind of unusual design allows the user to establish a stronger in addition to more personal relationship with the ingredients involved from the cooking process, the utensils in addition to even the appliances. Because everything is usually transparent, the only thing colorful in addition to visible is usually the food.

The Ocean Kitchen

Having an aquarium from the kitchen is usually not exactly unheard of. This kind of can be a lovely accent feature for the space that will gives is usually a fresh in addition to serene look while also generating the décor stand out. Having an aquarium that will doubles as a kitchen island, however, is usually a different story. Can you even imagine how such a thing might look like?

Ocean Kitchen Island aquarium base

Ocean Kitchen Island in context

Dutch Internal designer Robert Kolenik decided to make This kind of all happen. Most of his designs take inspiration coming from nature in addition to, as This kind of turns out, they know how to be dramatic. The Ocean Kitchen is usually one of the most impressive creations of the designer in addition to even from the entire world of furniture design.

Ocean Kitchen Island corner aquarium

The Ocean Kitchen is usually a one-of-a-kind creation. This kind of’s also a limited edition design in addition to a wonderful statement piece. This kind of’s created using natural materials in addition to sustainable methods which emphasizes This kind of’s uniqueness in addition to special relationship with nature in addition to its beauty.

Ocean Kitchen Island corner design

Although This kind of may seem like the island is usually just a showy statement piece for luxurious in addition to grandiose kitchens, that will’s not exactly true. The island is usually surprisingly functional. The aquarium that will makes up most of its design is usually L-shaped in addition to conceals generous storage spaces as well as a sink in addition to store top. The huge aquarium under the kitchen top can be accessed by the simple touch of a button which lifts the top in addition to exposes the ecosystem beneath This kind of.

The Invisible Kitchen

The design of the Invisible kitchen came as a response to the difficulty of blending two functions that will are part of the same open floor plan. The transition between the kitchen in addition to the living space becomes smoother in addition to less noticeable thanks to the simplified structure of the Invisible kitchen.

Invisible Kitchen black in addition to white combo

Designed by i29 Internal architects, the kitchen has at the base a very simple idea: the desire to scale down the design in addition to to get rid of all unnecessary elements, leaving only the absolute necessities. The design includes a wall unit in addition to a kitchen island.

Invisible Kitchen island sleek top

Invisible Kitchen very thin top

All the water, cooling in addition to electrical connections are embedded within the black island which features a surface that will’s only two centimeters thick. This kind of’s supported by two compact blocks which integrate all the hidden features.

Invisible Kitchen island coming from the side

The wall unit has large sliding doors in addition to is usually white, in contrast with the island. Behind these sleek panels the user can find all the appliances in addition to lots of storage. When shut, the doors provide a very clean look for the kitchen. The design overall may be very sleek in addition to simple nevertheless is usually also very well organized in addition to space-efficient.

Invisible Kitchen wall unit opened doors

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