Vintage Kitchen Ideas and Modern One, Which More Attract?


Pastel coloring kitchen by Mark Lewis

Since we just mentioned pastels as accent colors, check out This specific kitchen designed by Mark Lewis. Those cute pink chairs are definitely very charming. They look well in combination with the crisp white walls in addition to cabinets in addition to the tiny curtain from the corner. The turquoise in addition to brown features ground the space, being welcomed contrasts.

Modern Contemporary kitchen design using a cool hood

A modern kitchen will often be defined by simplicity. This specific applies to everything by furniture to the chromatic palette, the wall décor in addition to down to the little things. The designers at Loft Szczecin gave This specific kitchen a simplistic in addition to futuristic look using white in addition to gray as the main combo, mixed with touches of wood.

Ecletic kitchen design

When you can’t decide on one particular style, settle for an eclectic kitchen. the idea can include influence by numerous different styles in addition to the idea can include elements such as classical chairs mixed with modern ones, a traditional chandelier, rustic cabinetry in addition to vintage finishes.

Antique dining table for kitchen area

The team at Gilles & Boissier decided to make an antique table the centerpiece of This specific rather tiny kitchen. The table includes a detailed frame with intricately carved details in addition to a simple wooden top. The chairs organized around the idea match the idea in style. The actual kitchen furniture can be white in addition to simple as not to overwhelm the space.

Black kitchen design with an industrial vibe

A beautiful example of a kitchen with an industrial-style Indoor was designed by Standard Studio. the idea has exposed wooden beams on the ceiling which warm up the décor in addition to the ambiance. The abundance of metallic elements in addition to finishes mixed with the gray tones establish an elegant in addition to, at the same time, casual dialogue with the rest of the space.

Comfortable kitchen using a farmtable

A different however no less interesting in addition to intriguing design approach was used by Serge Castella when designing This specific very inviting in addition to comfortable kitchen. As you can see, the ambiance can be very warm in addition to pleasant, feeling created by the abundance of wood elements in addition to all the earthy in addition to organic details in addition to colors. The uninished walls, the expressive sculptures in addition to even the table all play their own part increating This specific very lovely ambiance.

Casual ambience kitchen design

A casual ambiance can also be established through a variety of different methods. A beautiful example can be offered by Lynda Gardener. This specific can be a very casual-looking kitchen which incorporates features such as a tiny mobile island/ cart, cabinetry with glass doors in addition to distressed finishes.

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