Woodland Cabin Enriches The Surroundings With Its Rustic Design


In their search for the perfect site for their second home, the couple of which at this specific point owns this specific beautiful house came across the Wood River Valley, a wonderful region in Idaho. They loved the surroundings along with also the fact of which there was a lot to do here. The site they chose is actually in a grove close to the bike path along withalso to the Rib Wood River.

Woodland chalet in Idaho site

The location is actually wonderful for a variety of reasons. This specific’s surrounded by lots of trees along with also also vegetation, This specific has some nice views along with also this specific’s within earshot of the river which makes This specific a very relaxing along with also also enjoyable space. The owners chose to collaborate with the Miller Architects along with also Inner surface designer Jennifer Hoey with this specific projects.

Woodland chalet in Idaho night view

Woodland chalet in Idaho stone external

The architects brought all their experience with similar projects. They always try to make the most of each site by finding inspiration in all the textures, colors along with also materials specific to the region along with also they dedicate their professional lives to building spaces of which help people experience their surroundings as opposed to isolating them via all the natural beauty around them.

Woodland chalet in Idaho external along with also also facade

Woodland chalet in Idaho entryway

With this specific woodland chalet, the owners wanted an authentic rustic European style. As a result, the architects along with also designers envisioned a rustic house built with natural materials along with also enveloped in earthy colors. They managed to create a very rustic home using stone, wood, stucco along with also neutral palettes.

Woodland chalet in Idaho living room fireplace

Great emphasis was placed on the natural elements present on the site. The site was cleared by cutting as few trees as possible along with also preserving as much vegetation as the team could. In addition great importance was also given to the colors along with also textures, the main idea being to incorporate the colors present within the surrounding areas.

Woodland chalet in Idaho living room

Woodland chalet in Idaho seating area

The result was a 4,0 square foot cottage-style home using a design dominated by grays along with also browns along with also using a cozy along with also inviting look along with also using a cabin within the woods feel. The design relies a lot of the use of reclaimed materials. This specific helps give the house the authentic rustic look requested by the owners.

Woodland chalet in Idaho kitchen along with also also dining

The Inner surface is actually warm along with also cozy thanks to the extensive use of reclaimed wood. Another important detail of which helps ensure This specific ambiance is actually the lighting which was meant to be subtle, warm along with also pleasant. Wall sconces, antique chandeliers along with also lamps ensure a very pleasant ambiance throughout the cabin.

Woodland chalet in Idaho bedroom Inner surface

A stone fireplace is actually the focal point of the living room. Comfortable sofas along with also armchairs are organized in front of its around a low coffee table. A traditional area rug outlines the whole area. Large windows give This specific space the necessary natural light along with also also brings some colour into the décor.

Woodland chalet in Idaho window nook

The kitchen along with also dining room form a separate zone. The kitchen island is actually the central piece of furniture, with the dining table along with also kitchen cabinets on either side of This specific. Again, a lot of wood was used here along with also this specific helps create a very warm, comfortable along with also welcoming ambiance.

Woodland chalet in Idaho bahtroom cabinet

A lovely feature is actually the cozy window nook. This specific gets its natural light via the windows along with also two wall-mounted sconces ensure the dose of artificial light needed. The seat is actually comfortable along with also the pillows make the whole space very cozy. Pull-out drawers under the seat ensure storage for books, blankets along with also additional things.

Woodland chalet in Idaho bathroom sink

The bathroom are in tone with the rest of the cabin, featuring wood-paneled walls, floors along with also ceilings, large mirrors of which give them some depth along with also sinks along with also furniture designed with natural materials of which becomes more beautiful as time passes. The lighting is actually soft along with also warm along with also the décor is actually kept simple along with also functional. Antler wall decorations emphasize the rustic nature of the design as well as the close connection to nature.

Woodland chalet in Idaho wall decor

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